Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fast Lane

This has been a very nontraditional start to the school year!

Kaleb is back in school half days until next week. He had another follow up appointment with the surgeon and his WBC was normal! So providing he stays infection free he will be going back to school full days next week just in time for fall break! He is loving school other then the stack of homework the teacher sent home with him this week.

Makenzie has also been going to school. So far it has been going well. We have spent some time in the ILC room getting to know the teacher and the aid. Today we ventured into the regular classroom and Makenzie LOVED it! It was amazing to see how engaged she was and how much she took in. There has been discussion about how much time Makenzie will spend in the ILC room (special education) versus the regular classroom so I am hoping that Makenzie showed the staff how much more engaged she is when with her "neuro typical" peers then she in a "contained" classroom. Whether or not they believe it, I do know what is best for Makenzie and I hope today proved why I have been so adamant about her placement.


The Assistive Technology team has also decided that Makenzie needs a eye gaze device at school. We all knew this but evaluations where done as technicalities. We have an IEP scheduled for Friday so the details of how, what, and when will be discussed then. We have a Dynavox on order but it could be a while before it is approved so we need a plan "b" for school as so much of Makenzie's output relies on this technology.

Other then school it has been a CRAZY week so far.

We had another talker evaluation on Tuesday to revisit a different talker. Don't ask..... LOL. Makenzie did great and loved the company rep. I think she giggled for about two hours straight. I have uploaded a video of a couple clips of our time together.

We also finally got Makenzie's Kidwalk. I say finally only because it has been in for a while but because of this months events we were not able to have it delivered and fitted until now. We ordered the walker with an i2i headrest to help keep Makenzie's shoulders back. It works like a charm. We also ordered straps at the the thighs to keep Makenzie from crossing her legs! Those are miracle straps!

We took her new walker to school today and she had the best time! She walked up and down the sidewalk and mommy helped her walk in the grass with her new friends! She had quite the following and the questions about what was wrong with Makenzie came for the whole duration of recess. Kids are great! No holding back. One little girl kept telling everyone that Makenzie had broken her neck..... not sure where she got that from LOL......but no matter how many times I tried to tell her that Makenzie choked when she was a baby and hurt her brain, I could not convince her that Makenzie did not have a broken neck. Kids!

Last night we went to a fun center and the boys rode go carts for about 3 hours. They had the best time. Makenzie and I watched for a while and then we played some mad skeet ball until it was time to go home! We had a great time! Thank You so much to Starlight Foundation for providing our family with a wonderful night and so many great memories! If you have a child with special needs or a chronic medical condition you should check this foundation out! They are REALLY, REALLY AMAZING! If you do not have a medically needy child you should pray about donating to this foundation because..... they are REALLY, REALLY AMAZING!

Tomorrow is another super busy day! I usually don't especially look forward to the weekend but after this week I am ready to take a deep breath and slow down a bit.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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