Monday, August 22, 2011


Until today I not seen my little boy's smile for almost 10 days. Today for the first time in way to long he smiled.

When the surgeons rounded this morning I told them how hard it was for Mr. 10 to move about. They mentioned calling PT to get services started. I laughed.

Mr 10 was forced to get out of bed this morning much to his dismay.  I stood next to the bed holding him tight, shifting his weight back and forth until he took weight into both legs. I chuckled inside thinking about how much I have learned about the body in the last several years. I am pretty sure at this point what I know is as just as good as what any PT would recommend.

We had a successful walk down the hall and back. We hung out and played some video games together, took a nap, and about dinner time his brothers came to see him. Mr 10 decided that get wanted nothing to do with being in the bed so we got up again. He walked down the hall with Mr 12 getting his mommy in trouble for letting him go "unattended" in the hall.. Oops! He was with his brother..... so I am a rule breaker! LOL!

However that little walk wasn't enough. We got a wheelchair and a food voucher and headed outside to sit in the park and then back to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Yes I said to eat!!!.... At about noon the surgeons came by and cleared Mr 10 to eat a normal diet! He hasn't really eaten anything in nearly 10 days and let me tell you he made up for that today!

On our walk he smiled. A real smile. A big smile.

Finally my sweat boy is coming back. The reality of how close he could have been to true and real death this week  is stunning to me tonight. The fact that he is out of bed.... still on pretty strong pain killers..... but out of bed none the less, is amazing. The fact that 3 days ago he had a raging infection that left him border line septic, with a huge abscess in his gut, which is almost completely drained is miraculous and the icing on the cake is the blessing that he was also fever free all day today!!! God is SO GOOD!

I am hoping that going home will be our future soon! This is far from over but home sounds so good right now!

I am beyond tired and need to rest. The doctors will be at 6am to wake us all up I am sure!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad to hear it!

WhitneyBooze said...

((((HUGS TO YOU))))
It's been a rough and scary week for you and I've been thinking of your son and praying for him.
You are an amazing mom.

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