Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unorganized Thoughts

I have been so busy. It has gotten to the point where I am having a hard time organizing my thoughts into to put a post together.

Friday Mr. 10 got sick with what appeared to be a stomach bug. By Monday when he had spent over 24 hours on the couch sleeping and numerous calls to the pediatrician I decided a trip to the ER was in order. Quite honestly I have never seen any of my kids so sick and before we jumped in the car I packed a bag because I was sure we would not be returning home that day.


The ER doc did an evaluation, gave Mr. 10 a bottle of power-aid, listened to his bowel sounds and sent us home with a diagnosis of Severe Gastroenteritis. I took a deep breath. However yesterday Mr. 10 continued to complain of severe pain in his stomach as well as having high fevers on and off and I got to worrying again.

I called the pediatrician again this morning. WE discussed my son's medical history and advised me to call the GI doctor for an urgent appointment. I called two offices and both thought the definition of urgent was next Tuesday. When I asked what I should do with my completely miserable child that is supposed to head back to school on Monday and who has not eaten much but toast for 7 days now, their response was that I could take him to the pediatrician or the ER. However the ER is out because I can not afford another $150.00 bottle of power aid.

So again I call the pediatrician and I am waiting to hear from the doctor to see if he can work any magic to get Mr. 10 in to see a GI specialist...... today! Crossing my fingers.

As for Makenzie she is doing AMAZING! We are still working on getting her into school which continues to be a struggle. The staff at the school has been great but communication has been less then adequate causing scheduling issues and delayed resolution of several issues.

It is also very clear to me at this point that speech goals and the lack of a talker at the current time are going to be major hurdles. Makenzie and I are going into the school this afternoon for a "Communication Evaluation"...... without a way for Makenzie to communicate. Makes sense right?

I understand that they can asses receptive language to a point but really to cut to the chase I believe that they understand that there is no formal testing they can do with Makenzie to access her needs other then interaction and observation. However, in the interest of cooperation we will be showing up for our appointment armed with the six page report Makenzie's speech therapist wrote up after her most recent Augmentative Communication Evaluation.

So much more is going on in our lives right now and I have so much to say however I have a sick kid, more phone calls to make, Makenzie has PT, Hippo therapy, the evaluation at the school, and a meeting with the seating guy going on yet today!

So...... Have a Happy Thursday and I will be back soon.

Believe.... Prayer Works


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