Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slow but Steady

Well it has now been 15 days since my little prince has been sick. 15 days since I have gotten out of the house other then to go to the hospital, grocery store, or school meetings. 15 days is a long time to be cooped up and an even longer time to be sick!

Mr 10 is still a pretty sick little man. His healing has been slow but steady. He has not regained much appetite. I am trying to get him to eat little bits all day long, offering him Carnation Instant Breakfast, and shoving liquid at him whenever he is not attempting to eat something. I have threatened him with a feeding tube....yes that is how bad it is....and wishing each night that I really did have a way just to pump some food into him while he sleeps!

He was spiking pretty high fevers with the IV antibiotics up until today and I think we had our first fever free 24 hours as of this evening! He is also having lots of pain in his stomach where the drain was which is causing him to still require some pretty strong pain killers a couple times a day.

Mr 10 will also be starting a couple of months of physical therapy with Makenzie's PT on Monday. He is very weak and getting up to use the restroom continues to be a huge feat. Sick..... my little boy is still so very sick

I am happy to report however that we have managed to not get a ticket back to the hospital. We have been able to manage everything here at home and will return to the clinic on Tuesday to draw blood to check Mr. 10's CBC and determine whether or not the IV antibiotics can be discontinued.

Please continue to play for healing!

Makenzie has been doing super! She has been such a trooper! She did great at the hospital and even learned how to sleep through loud nurses in the middle of the night. She also showed me that she can fall asleep in a room that is not completely silent! This may not seem like much but for Makenzie is is HUGE!

Makenzie also got to play with a talker last week while her speech therapist was here. I programed a user for Makenzie on the computer and had it ready to load when the therapist walked through the door. I can't wait for Makenzie to get her very own!



This week in PT Makenzie did a GREAT job of maintaining all fours with her head up, looking from side to side! She has been so loose and happy! Her giggles are contagious and everyone that we ran into at the hospital was so impressed with how healthy Makenzie was and how well she was doing!  God is so good!

I am praying that this week brings healing. I pray that Mr. 10's appetite and energy level will return. I am also praying that the infection in his gut is gone! 

Believe... Prayer Works!


belehcar said...

Just delurking to ask how everyone is doing?

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