Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Full Swing!

Well it is now August. That means summer is almost over and this little family will begin to switch gears in an attempt to get back on a schedule that involves a BEDTIME!!!

We are not done with summer fun. I mean who could end summer without a snow cone or 2 or 5.

Yeah five snow cones in less then two hours! Mr 10's goal was to try one of every flavor before we left a really cool event hosted by the Starlight Foundation on Saturday.

Makenzie enjoyed some snow cone as well and just being outside in the summer sun!

However, these will be the last good pictures I will be taking for about 4-6 weeks. While I was putting Makenzie's wheelchair into the van this weekend I forgot to zip up her backpack with my camera inside. Needless to say my camera hit the ground pretty hard and had to be sent in for repairs. I am really bummed but I am pretty sure my children will enjoy not having to hide from me for awhile!


I do have a point and shoot that I can use. I took some pictures this weekend at my cousin's baby shower and was very disappointed at how they turned out! I bet I won't drop my camera again anytime soon!

The beginning of August also means the beginning of calls to the school's, IEP meetings, school shopping, a trip to the eye doctor, haircuts, new shoes, school orientation and a few new pieces of clothing for each of the kids.

I think I am going to try the school thing again with Makenzie. We are within the boundaries for a different school and am going to meet with the principal on Thursday. I have written up a list of most of my expectations. It is a long list. I am hoping to go into the meeting with my thoughts and Makenzie's needs organized. I would like to go over the list with the principal and discuss each point, get input, then try and come to a good compromise which will keep Makenzie safe, allow her to learn, and give this mommy peace.

Makenzie's Taos Walker also came in this week and will completely ready for her to use tomorrow morning. We had a sneak peek last night and Makenzie walked really well.  Makenzie was very patient while the orthopaedist adjusted everything to fit her. He took the base with him to finish the shoes, extend the top bars, and bring in the width a bit. He will be bringing it back first thing in the morning.

We also go approval for the Kidwalk and a bath chair! Now we wait on insurance approval for the talker, power chair, and car seat.

August is in full swing! I'm not sure I am ready! Are you?

Believe... Prayer works!


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