Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today was a long day. I was not a bad day... just long. At this point I guess really .... it was really yesterday that was long.

Mr.10 was finally taken down to CT and IR to have a drain placed in the abscess that was formed after his appendix ruptured and a PICC line put in at one this afternoon. He was very scared and it took everything that I had to hold back the tears and be strong while my little boy laid on the table and cried himself to sleep.

It took about an hour to get the drain and PICC line in. When I went back to the PACU to see him, he was still pretty out of it but woke up enough to say hi and let me give him a big kiss and a stuffed animal. Shortly after he spiked a fever of about 102 so we left the PACU and headed back to his room for some fever reducers.

It took him about 2 hours to fully wake up. His hearth rate was high, his respirations were high, his blood pressure was really high, and his oxygen level were low. A little blow by oxygen fixed the low level and some pain killer and Tylenol helped with the rest.

Mr 10 perked up a bit when his grandma Linda showed up to see him. She brought him a bag with lots of fun things to do and snacks to eat...... when he can eat again.

The have drained about one and a half ounces of infected fluid out of his gut so far. The drain will stay in until it stop draining and we will be here until that happens. The antibiotics are working as his fever did not return until about 3am and it was much lower then this afternoon. However, his bowel sounds when from quiet to non existent. I guess this is normal as his body fights off this infection. Until his colon begins to work again Mr 10 can not eat because that would put him at risk for perforating his bowel.  He is also requiring some blow by oxygen again this evening/morning.

So that is were we stand. Mr. 10 and Makenzie are both sound asleep. If I don't get back to sleep I am going to watch the sun rise and while that is a pretty site over the mountains I want to have my eyes shut for the show this morning!

Please pray for healing.

Believe.... Prayer Works! 


Unknown said...

You have been through so much this week! It's shameful that you had to work so hard to get the proper care... thank goodness he has such a loving mom to make it happen. I will be sending all the energy I can to you and Mr. 10 this week through your recovery.

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