Saturday, August 13, 2011


School is coming. Summer is long but I am pretty sure that the last few weeks before school begins feel like they drag on and on and on. The boys are restless. We have done all of the fun activities I could come up with and this mommy is exhausted.

I have decided to try sending Makenzie to school again this year. We have a new school and the possibility for a more experienced team and a fresh set of ideas. However the process of getting everything that Makenzie needs organized is frustrating to say the least.

Last Thursday Makenzie and I had a really great meeting with the principal at the new school. It went great. We discussed all of the major points and I felt fairly comfortable with everything that was said and how they thought Makenzie could be integrated at the school. I left with a skip in my step and a heart which felt full.

For a brief moment I forgot about all of the school related problems we have had in the last 3 years. For a moment I thought about Makenzie having new friends, using her talker to communicate, driving her power chair up and down the hallways, and walking around in her walker on the playground playing with her peers. I was so excited because last year at this time Makenzie was not able to do any of those things. I was so excited about her healing over the last year and how much more she would be able to do and learn at school.

Then reality hit me. After a response to a summery I sent of my notes from our meeting, I realized that while this principal is great and the ILC programed sounds wonderful I am still going to have to fight the same battles, cut the same political red tape, and run in some of the same circles I have found myself running in for the last 3 years.

However, circles I will run. This year I am finding myself a lot less emotional. I am feeling much more prepared to fight this fight in a more matter of fact manner. This year Makenzie will go to school. She will have access to a talker. She will have a staff that is properly trained on what is needed to allow Makenzie to have a free and appropriate education.

I have printed out the special education laws and have read through them for hours. I have researched the best way to document meetings and other contact with school staff, I have contacted both  legal and advocacy companies, and I am prepared for mediation and due process if need be.

I would prefer not to have to take that route. I am trying really hard to play nice and go with the flow. I been very patient thus far and am trying to be optimistic about the outcome. I guess only time will tell. Pray for everything to work out. Pray that this staff will make this process about Makenzie and not anything else.

Believe... Prayer Works!


Liz V. said...

You are such a good mom. Makenzie is so lucky to have you! I wish her and you the best of luck this school year. I hope it is everything she and you want and need.

Team Carter Jay said...

Sending many prayers as you find your way through it. <3

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