Friday, August 19, 2011


Tonight I was supposed to be getting rained on at a Sugarland concert with Makenzie and several of my friends. Instead, tonight I am sitting in a dark, noisy hospital room with my son,,,, and Makenzie.

Mr 10 has been super sick for the last 7 days. I took him to the emergency room on Monday and was sent home with nothing more then an expensive bottle of power aid and the notion that he just had a simple stomach virus even though his belly hurt to the touch, he had a fever, he had no energy, had loose stools, and was vomiting and had been for four days.

On Tuesday he stopped vomiting and seemed to have a bit more energy but was still obviously sick. This continued into Wednesday and by Thursday I could have cared less that this "stomach bug" should supposedly last for 10-12 days.

I called GI to make an urgent appointment and the soonest I was told the could get him in was on Tuesday. Well that just wasn't going to fly with this momma so I made some calls and by the end of the day we were scheduled to see the GI doctor this morning at 8:30am.

The doctor looked Mr 10 over. Did the exact same exam in the clinic as was done in the ER, I answered the same questions with the same answers, and Mr 10 had the same reactions to the exam as he had on Monday. The difference was that this doctor listened to me. He got Mr 10 right into ultra sound where we found a ruptured appendix,

The funny,..... or not so funny.... thing is, I asked the ER doctors 3 times if they should or would do any further testing for an appendicitis in the ER. Three times I was told no. He presented all of the signs and had a mother who told them how dang sick is was and nothing.

So here I sit. Waiting for 10 am to roll around. Waiting for the surgeons to put a drain into the 6 in abscess that is sitting in my sons abdominal cavity. Waiting to place a PICC line so that Mr 10 can have a 3-5 week course of IV antibiotics. Just waiting.

At the end of the day we are all human. We all make mistakes. God's grace covered human error and allowed my sons body to form an barrier around the perforation, keeping his body from becoming septic. This barrier allowed my son to live regardless of a very serious mis diagnosis. This barrier is a miracle.

So tonight I am sad that I missed out on a good time with my daughter and my close friends but....... I am right where I need to be. Makenzie is sleeping soundly on the window seat/bed and I am now going to go curl up next to her and try to get some rest!

Please pray for my sons speedy recovery!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


The Henrys said...

When I read your first post about how sick he was, the first thing I thought was appendix. I'm glad you caught it before he got septic. Hoping for a speedy recovery!!

Anonymous said...


When stuff like that happens, it makes me want to find every doctor from the ER and let them know how TERRIBLY they messed up! Sure, we're all human, but A BELLY THAT IS TENDER TO TOUCH is not indicative of a simple "bug" and I am amazed they didn't at the very least do an ultrasound! Someone should be made aware or the gross neglect on their part. I often have experiences like this... I know doctors are overworked and often asked to work many many hours beyond what is healthy. But at the end of the day, that could have been a very serious misdiagnosis...

Someone should be made aware of their mistake so as not to let it happen again, at the very least, for the next case! If they want to avoid a malpractice or wrongful death suit!

I'm glad you persisted and didn't let up and that he's getting the care he needs now. Does he need abdominal surgery to get the appendix out now? or now that it has ruptured, is draining it all that is necessary?

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