Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes as mothers I think we forget we need sleep.... well at least I do.

I have so much to do on a daily bases. When the lights finally turn off in all four of my children's rooms I make it a point to be done..... well mostly. I sit down. I relish in the fact that no one needs anything from me. I do what I want. I eat what I want. I breath. Nine turns to ten and ten turns to eleven and soon after it is 1am. In that moment it feels so good. It fills my cup...... until the next day.

This summer has been interesting when it comes to sleep. The boys have finally decided that sleeping in is a good thing and think that in turn they should stay up later. Makenzie has been able to stay up way later then she has in any past summer and our sleeping schedules are WAY off!

About two weeks ago I finally put my foot down and made a mandatory 10pm bed time for all children. I needed my alone time. I needed my alone time to start and end earlier. It worked well. Until I decided to let them stay up late again the other day and I found myself up still at 2 am. Then the night after that Makenzie did not have a good night and once again I found myself up at 2 am.

Yesterday I found myself snapping at everyone in my path. We were supposed to get the Taos Walker yesterday but there was an issue with the foot would have thought the world was crashing down. The pharmacy had not filled a script that has been in their hands since Monday so the store manager got a call. Two of my kids thankfully were in the mountains and the other at a friends so they missed all of the cranky mommy fun! About half way through the day I finally just decided that the world would be a better place if I took a nap.

Last night the boys were still away and I put Makenzie to bed. I sat on the couch. There was nothing on TV but I watched it anyways. I caught up with a couple friends and then I headed to bed. Makenzie slept much better and I got up this morning feeling much better.

Makenzies medicine is ready at the pharmacy. Her Taos will be ready and fitted by Monday evening and the world is right again. I am rested.

How do you stay rested while also having some "me" time?

Believe... Prayer Works!


Rebecca said...

I've read through a dozen or so posts and Makenzie is gorgeous. Her hair is the best hair ever. She should be in a hair commercial. And her Just lights up her whole face! Beautiful eyes too! Love her!

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