Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Miracle

Six years ago I gazed into my daughters eyes for the first time. I had no idea on that day how many lives Makenzie would change, how many hearts she would touch, and how many profound lessons she would teach in six shirt years! I am so very grateful I was given the amazing gift of being Makenzie's mommy! God is so good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKENZIE!!!!!

On the days leading up to Makenzie's birth my midwife could not figure out why Makenzie was not growing. I went into the office for many non stress tests and ultrasounds. Makenzie kept slipping farther off the charts despite finding nothing over concerning. I was sent to the hospital for a more in depth ultra sound to find that she was in the less then 5% margin on the growth charts but still no reason why. So the decision was made to induce labor within a few days at thirty seven and a half weeks.
Towards the end of my labor Makenzie's heart rate began to decelerate. I will spare you all of the gory details but Makenzie came out blue but crying non the less. The source of her failure to thrive was found after delivery in the form of a complete knot in her umbilical cord. To add insult to injury the cord was also wrapped around her neck two times.
After an IV was placed and the doctors got a good look at Makenzie she was given a good bill of healthy and 2 days later we were on our way home with our little princess who weighed in at less then 5 pounds.
At my six week check up the doctor and I discussed what had happened. The end of the conversation ended with..... Makenzie is a true miracle because so many things could have gone so wrong.... but they didn't!
I made the above page for her scrapbook shortly after that visit to my doctor over a year before Makenzie's accident.
Every year on Makenzie's birthday I wonder if this was always the path for Makenzie. I thank God for giving me the gift of almost 19 months of life to get to know my daughter before her accident. In all reality this journey could have began on the very first day of her life but it didn't and for that I am extremely grateful!
God is so good!
We have been extremely busy! My friend left today after ten days. We had the best time together! Many tears were shed this morning as she got ready to leave. I have so much to share about our time together but for now I need to go catch up on lost sleep!
Believe..... Prayer Works!


Kristina said...

Happy Birthday, Makenzie! What a beautiful, big girl you are!

Anonymous said...

God is so good¡!
I love makenzie's.....happy birthday baby!!

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