Friday, July 1, 2011


Last weekend we headed to the amusement park. The temperatures were expected to reach 95 degrees and I was worried. The boys were so excited to go. It was all they could talk about for at least two days. I so wanted them to have a good time but I also knew it may have been short lived when the temperatures rose and Makenzie began to over heat.

It didn't happen. Makenzie who normally does not do well at all with the heat did GREAT! We got wet a couple of times and I kept her good and hydrated. We were able to stay 8 hours!

There were not many things Makenzie could get on but she loved just being there. I did take her on the Tea Cups. SHe giggled and laughed the whole time we were on the ride but promptly puked after she got off the ride,showing us that spinning is not really her thing.

Every time we do something like this I am amazed at how much healing is happening in Makenzie's little body! Last year when we headed to the amusement park she was so hot and uncomfortable. We only stayed a few hours. The boys had fun but I was tired and overwhelmed. This year I had fun too. I even got to ride a few rides and when we left I was overcome with emotion about how perfect the day was.  God is so good!

So much has been going on around here. Makenzie has been fitted for a new walker, we are going this afternoon to spec out her new powerchiar, my best friend is coming tomorrow to visit for 10 days, we trialed another talker, my grandparents are here, I have a special 6th birthday party to plan, we have been doing a lot of swimming, and the list goes on! I am tired but so blessed!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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