Monday, July 25, 2011


Almost 10 years ago we bought a home. It was a beautiful four bedroom three bath home. It had a two car garage, unfinished basement, and a HUGE yard! It was perfect for a family with three growing boys. The school district was great and I was so excited that after 4 moves up on the real estate ladder we had finally found a home that I could finish raising my kids in. I was NEVER moving again.

Then life happened.

A few years after purchasing this perfect house Makenzie was conceived. We took down the the car wallpaper boarder. We then painted what was my youngest son's blue and bright green bed room a pastel pink and green complete with a new butterfly and flower boarder on the the wall. My son got moved into his big brothers room and we were ready for a new baby girl. Our home was still perfect.

After Makenzie's accident we started talking about wheelchairs. At the time Makenzie was still a baby. For a couple of years I could just throw her over my shoulder and haul her anywhere. I didn't give the multitude of stairs in my home much thought until Makenzie started walking in her gait trainer. Then she got a real wheelchair and started spending more time in it. She loved to be upright and able to see the world not to mention it was much better for her body then laying in a ball on the floor. The stairs became a big problem.

Our home went from perfect to anything but overnight.

Ten years into a mortgage I planned to see to maturity I was faced with a huge delima. My goal to pay off my home at a reasonable age started to fade with each passing day. I became very clear  that one day my once perfect house would be need to be sold and a new home would need to be attained in order to continue to care for Makenzie. This became a weight I carried around for several years and was never far from my mind.

Shortly after the first of the year God took my fear and worry. He opened door after door. God provided us first with the perfect home for our families new needs. Then He provided the means to widen hallways and doorways. He provided brand new floors and an air conditioner. He provided the man power and generosity of a single company to get it all done in less then three weeks. To put icing on the cake God then provided a full price offer on our now less then perfect home.

On Friday afternoon we finally closed on our old house. There were no issues and in less then an hour the papers were signed and the key was handed over. DONE! A flood of emotions came over me driving home. Some of it was realizing that our home now officially belonged to someone else but most of my raw emotion was realizing yet again how faithful God has been. It was the final piece in moving on with our lives and the not so new normal our family now lives.

Today Makenzie can walk through her whole house. She can easily be taken anywhere we are. She now has her own room to keep all of her special stuff in and soon a beautiful mural will be created on her walls. We are waiting on funding to redo a bathroom that will be complete with a roll in shower, a tub that will accommodate a lift in the future and an accessible sink and toilet. There is a beautiful deck with a ramp built just for Makenzie out back which leads to a park in which Makenzie rolls around in her power chair. Our house is cool in the heat of the summer and every day something new ends up on the wall making this house feel more and more like a home. God is good! Only He knows what perfect is and man oh man does He ever do perfect well!

To God be all of the Glory!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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