Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Bells

Last weekend I had the honor of standing up for my good friend Susan as her Maid of Honor.

Susan and I met a couple of years ago through a special needs parent board and the connection we had was immediate.

Our little girls are the same age, their injuries happened about the same time, and we were both single mommies.

Susan's daughter, Julia, suffered from a very serious vaccine reaction which caused viral encephalitis and serious brain damage.

In the grand scheme of life I  have only known Susan for a very short time.  Our little girls are so very different but  oh so very much the same.  We have the same dreams, the same goals, the same pain, and the same joy.  We are mothers who have special needs children.  We are both mothers who fear daily for our children’s future,  but rejoice over our  little girls mere existence. It is a life which has very high- highs, and extreme lows

When Susan told me about her boyfriend,Shawn I had my doubts. I mean who would choose this life. Who would choose brain injury,  seizures, special schools, mounting medical bills, IEP’s, weekly therapy, behavior modification, lawsuits, screaming kids,  and so much more.
Then I met Shawn. I saw the way he looked at Susan.   I watched him with the kids. I immediately noticed  his connection to Makenzie and Julia. It was then I knew there was nothing to doubt. God was in control!

Over the last couple of years Susan and Shawn have been through many highs and lows together. There have been many circumstances which have tried to pull them apart. However,  they made it to this perfect day.  I am so proud of my amazingly strong,  undoubtedly beautiful,  and incredibly  determined friend.  I am so happy that Shawn and Susan found each other. What a truly amazing family they have created!  

The weekend was amazing! It was full of emotion and beauty! It was full of joy and excitement! It was full of meaning! It was full of special kids and special souls. It was invigorating and exhausting all at the same time! It was an amazing wedding!

Shawn and Susan chose to have their big day near the garden at Alexis's house. Alexis was an amazing young woman with a very special mommy! As Margret wrote in her book "Remembering Alexis Finding Perspective in Love and Loss" ..... 

 "Although apparently normal at birth, Alexis never grew to be larger than a six-year old.  She could never sit, stand, walk, talk or feed herself.  She never played with a toy or knew she had a birthday.  An exception in every way, doctors guessed Alexis' IQ to be less than fifty, and she never had a diagnosis. Alexis lived for twenty-nine years with her mother, Margaret."

Alexis's house is a early 1900 Sears home which Margret and her husband were having restored for Alexis to live in with a caregiver. However, shortly before her home was finished Alexis mysteriously died.

Alexis was smiling down from Heaven last weekend. Thank you Margret and the rest of the Rhyne family for sharing Alexis with us! I know she touched my heart!

Thank you Shawn and Susan for the honor of being at your perfect day! Thank you for inviting Makenzie to also become a real princess for the day! You two are such amazing people! I hope you are not reading this right now but enjoying you time away! Love you guys!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Stacie said...

An amazing princess she is! She is so happy there... I think you should keep the picture of her in the chair from today's post up on the main page. Thank you for sharing... this warmed my heart today.

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