Sunday, June 5, 2011

Way Too Busy

Life has been insane. Good..... but insane.

I feel like I take 3 steps forward and then 4 steps back. I get caught up, the house is clean, projects get done, and there is and end in sight. Then the next round hits just before I get caught up.

Last week from Wednesday morning to Friday night,I watched my friends 3 kids while she traveled across the country to move her stuff back here. I had seven kids total. Two with G tubes, 2 walkers, 2 wheelchairs, an infant, and 4 pre teens/teenagers.  Like a well piled machine we made it through. I helped my friend get her son Morgan off the bottle and broke his horrible habit of waking up multiple times a night. Got the kids to and from school each day, made a trip to the doctor for an infected scrape, and........

On Thursday Makenzie had her first hippo therapy appointment. She was not sure about any of it. However, get grunts and groans of disapproval and fear were a much welcomed response. It is so nice to see her response. To witness her alertness. To know that she has an opinion.

I took her close to the horse and she was not sure about it. Then the horse turned her head towards Makenzie and it was all over. We backed up and then I touched the horse. We walked with the horse into the arena and she thought that was ok. Her therapist climbed up onto the horse and we slowly made our way up to the top of the ladder. I stood there with Makenzie. She was so tight.

After a bit I put her on the horse with the therapist and once they started walking Makenzie started to giggle. She did ok for a little while and then she would remember what she was on and she would squawk a bit. Any time the horse stopped Makenzie got upset and super tight. It id going to take her a bit of time to be ok with the whole thing but we will push on!




Then Thursday after school  while playing with one of Makenzie's therapy balls Mr. 10 hurt his finger. So it was off to Urgent Care we went. I sent the older kids to a friends house and loaded 3 non mobile kids, one injured child, two wheelchairs, and a stroller into the car. I am sure the people at the urgent care are still laughing at me tonight. It sure was a sight to see but I managed and we left with Mr. 10 in a splint with x rays showing a break on the growth plate in his thumb and a referral to an orthopaedist! Yippy!

Saturday we spent unloading my friends twenty-seven foot truck into my garage and transferring our fridge and freezer foods into the basement refrigerator as our kitchen one stopped working. I was at the store at 10pm that night replacing food and Makenzie's meat. Then measuring, pattying, cooking, and storing the meat so that Makenzie had something to eat this morning..... at midnight!

We decided to skip church this morning because everyone at my house is exhausted! We got Slurpee's from 7-11 and cooled off in the sprinklers on the trampoline this afternoon. Makenzie even got in on the fun and LOVED every second she was in the water!

Then it was off to Whole Foods to replace the rest of Makenzie's meat, out to dinner, home to cook the meat, feed the kids, finish the laundry, bath, and get them all to bed.

Tomorrow I have to do some shopping for a wedding Makenzie and I are in this weekend for a great friend, and then go to Children's hospital with Mr. 10 to see the hand doctor. We have another appointment in the g tube clinic on Tuesday morning, an appointment to have an eye gaze talker Makenzie is going to trial calibrated Tuesday afternoon, and a 1st birthday party here for Morgan on Tuesday night. Summer also starts for all of the boys on Tuesday at noon.

So some rest and relaxation may be coming again on Wednesday. However, I am not holding my breath!

I am now going to head to bed. I am tired.

Believe... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

Eye Gaze technology is great to work with - Love it!

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