Thursday, June 9, 2011

Round Two!

Hippo Therapy went much better this afternoon. Makenzie got a little bit tight when she first saw the horse but warmed up much faster. After she got on the horse Makenzie was all smiles and laughs!

This therapy center is beautiful. Normally when I envision horses I think of smelly stalls, poop, flies, and lots of mud. Not this place. Everything is immaculate. It is very inviting.and super comfortable. There is no smell and all of the animals look clean and very well cared for. I love it!

Today was a bit overcast so we were able to head outside on the horse. The boys ran ahead to the playground as we strolled up the hill. I am not much of a horse riding person but at that moment I wished that I also was hanging out atop of a saddle.

Makenzie decided shortly after we got outside that it would even be ok to look at and touch the horse. Seeing her progress is just amazing! Watching her be afraid seven days ago and then watch her remember her fear but also remember the fun she had and be able to work through it this afternoon is just amazing!

I am not sure what the full plan of action is for this therapy yet but after today I know there will be a plan. Makenzie was able to relax and enjoy herself. She did not leave a tight mess like last week.

Instead she left with a huge smile on her face, ready for more!

I am so very glad that Makenzie has the opportunity to get on a horse. Also to be with a therapist who loves her so very much and knows just what she needs!

I am so thankful for Makenzie's smile and her generous laughter.

I am so thankful for Makenzie's brothers who celebrate all of her victories with her! Makenzie is so lucky to have them along for the ride!

We are so dang blessed!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


caroline said...


Your daughter is beautiful and inspiring.

I was wondering and hoping you could share with your readers the amazing story of Celia Betz and her family. Celia suffers from Batten Disease. Her family is desperate to spread awareness of this deadly disease

Ellen Seidman said...

These are such beautiful photos! Makenzie looks great, and like she was having an awesome time. Hippotherapy can do so much, Max used to get it and it really strengthened his core and taught him how to hold onto something (the bars). It was also such a great sensory experience. Although he sometimes cried a lot!

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