Sunday, June 12, 2011

Makenzie's Independence.... The Power Chair Trial

This weekend was AMAZING! It was super busy but the time we were able to spend with great friends was so worth it! I will post about our weekend after I work on the 300 plus pictures I took. For a little teaser I was a maid of honor and Makenzie was a flower girl! Beautiful coming right up...... soon......

For now though I wanted to share a bit of today with you.

On Friday our wonderful seating guy came out to bring us a power wheel chair for Makenzie to trial. We also had a few other things to discuss as Makenzie needs a new car seat, walker, and bath seat.

Our days were full of being beautiful women and little girls on Friday and Saturday so the chair stayed in the same corner it was left in until this afternoon.

Mr 13 and I got to work on the chair starting with taking the switches off of the tray and moved them to the mounts on Makenzie's head rest. We super velcroed some extra padding down and wheeled it out the back door and onto the deck. Then it was down the ramp we went and out into the park.

When we put Makenzie into the chair she acted like she had used one her whole life. She giggled and laughed and then showed us had dang smart she is.

I can't tell you how over the moon I am right now. I knew Makenzie could do it but she really surprised me today!

Ironically this evening I got an email from our amazing seating guy checking in and letting the rest of Makenzie team know what we had decided to order. I forwarded a link to the above video to the group and this is what I got as a response from the therapist who evaluated Makenzie for the Power chair and who will be ordering it as well:

"YESS! I just cheered out loud!

I especially loved how she just turned all the way around using the right switch since she didn't have a left switch, to line up with dad for the final forward putt!

Time to schedule an appointment to spec out the power chair :) that was fast."

Words can not express how grateful I am for this day, this perfect home, and especially the healing God has given Makenzie.

Believe.... Prayer Works!

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