Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday's and Other Rambling Thoughts.

So much is going on. I have so much to say but not enough time in my day to say it all.

So I will start with this......

Morgan turned ONE yesterday. He is growing up so fast! We had a birthday party BBQ for him and had a GREAT time. I never understood how you could love a child that you did not give birth to so much until Morgan. I have spent many many hours taking care of him over the last year. I was there when he was born, I have taken most all of his baby pictures, he has lived with me for a good portion of his little life and man oh man do I love that boy!

As we sat on the deck of our our new home for this special moment I was again filled with emotion. This house is so perfect. I think my favorite part is the deck, yard, shade trees, and the huge park out back. Before the party started we sat out on the deck and watched all of the older kids play catch, and the 500. My heart swelled!

After dinner we we came in to sing Happy Birthday to little Morgan. I sat Makenzie in her chair with her talker so she could sing too and she sang to Morgan over and over along with Twinkle Twinkle, Away in a Manger, and Amazing Grace!

However, Morgan was less then thrilled when we all started to sing. He tried to crawl out of his chair and even shed a few tears.

But all was well in the world when he realized that he was going to get cake!

And when the cake was gone he thought he should try and eat the plate!

What a great time! What wonderful memories!

Yesterday we also had a rep from PRC come to show us the eye gaze device they sell. This talker would allow Makenzie to communicate by looking at a screen to make her choices while a camera scans her retinas. Makenzie did GREAT! The rep was able to get the device calibrated to Makenzie on the first try and Makenzie picked up on the eye gaze technique very fast! This would be a much easier way for Makenzie to communicate! I am so proud of her.

We are going to trial a device starting next week and then hope to order one very soon! I am posting a very poor quality video while we were trying the device. Every time Makenzie would see the camera she would stop so I was trying to stand behind her, interact with her, and help her with her held, all while trying to catch her using the Echo Point device. Also for some reason the device was a little slow and was not activating that way it should have but Makenzie just kept looking until it would pick it up.

This week we are also meeting with one company about a new walker for Makenzie on Thursday and another company is bringing a power chair that has been all set up for Makenzie to trail on Friday!

LOTS of exciting stuff going on!!!!

For now I am going to sign of and head to the movie theater with the kids to celebrate their first official day of summer break!!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


T said...

Ahh I love eye gaze technology!! The 4 yr old I look after has one, it's great. What type is Makenzie using?? We use MyTobii - I noticed Makenzie's flashes where the eye sensors are, unlike ours :)

Looks super! Yeahh Makenzie!!

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