Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBQ and Campfires

Once again life has been busy! Summer is in full swing with the kids off of school, Makenzie's continued therapies, and extra fun like heading to the cabin with my mom and dad for the weekend.

Every time I conceive of taking the plunge to go away for the weekend I have to breath a big eye rolling sigh. Then I have to dig my heels in and start on the daunting task of gathering everything for 4 kids not leaving out all of Makenzie's stuff. I have to plan and organize her food and make sure I get everything without bringing my whole kitchen with me. All the while keeping it in the front of my mind how much fun we always have once we get there! This in the key!

My goal was to leave at 10 am on Friday morning. I think we finally left town about noon after stopping at the bank, Target, the gas station and Good times for some lunch. Oh well! I managed to get 5 kids and all of their stuff in the car which is all that matters! After stopping once for a little break and some Starbucks we made it to our destination at about 2:30pm.

The weekend started out a bit rainy and cold. It would let up and we would run outside only to find ourselves in the middle of a windy rainy mess. Makenzie thought the rain was great and Morgan fell asleep covered in one of Makenzie's old jackets. Once we arrived back home it was time to sit in front of the fire to warm up.

On Saturday we enjoyed some amazing time out in the fresh mountain air polluted by the smell of BBQ venders lined up and down main street. There was live music, games, pig races, and or course tons of food!

And enjoy the food we did under the shade of a tree in the park.  When all of the BBQ had been devoured it was time to move onto something a little bit sweeter. Really what is a festival without a funnel cake and several forks!? I am pretty sure the boys had most of our sweet treat gone before I could blink and Josh topped it off by using the plate as a funnel to suck down the rest of the sugar.

Makenzie and Morgan just took it all in like champs!

I could not find any of Morgans jackets before we left so I found the only 12 month thing I had left out of Makenzie's. So Mr Morgan got to be my pink prince for most of the morning until it warmed up!

The boys also decided they needed a try at riding a bull. Mr. 10 could not partakebecause of his broken thumb but the other two boys gave it a valiant try and both walked away smiling.

We had a really great day and then a really great night back at the cabin roasting marshmellows for S'mores.

We headed home on Sunday, unpacked, cleaned up a bit and started this week with a bang.

Makenzie has a ton going on right now including many new pieces of equipment that need to be ordered and advocated for. I am tired but so excited that Makenzie is at a point were she needs a power chair, a new talker which she is using so well, and a walker! VERY exciting stuff!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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