Friday, May 27, 2011

The Never Ending List

A lot has gone on this week. Even though we were super busy it was a good week that felt a bit more normal. As much as I love all of the help we have received it was nice not to have nail guns firing, power saws running, and people in and out all day.

The house is looking good. Slowly but surely we have figured out were everything is and today thanks to my mom some pictures even found their way onto the walls. Feels good!

Makenzie and I headed downtown for another appointment to work on the power wheelchair. Her seating guy came bearing gifts of grand proportion. Makenzie (within the week....crossing my fingers) will be getting a power chair delivered to our home (the one we modified for this very reason) for her to trial.

There are several things Makenzie needs to show us she can do in a power chair before we can order one but the only way to learn these things is to practice! So practice we will and in about a month we will return to the seating clinic to show off Makenzie's new skills and hopefully be ready to order one of her very own!

I am beyond grateful for Makenzie's team!  Not one time has my little girl gone without the equipment which helps makes her life so much better. There are not enough ways to say thank you to all of these amazing people!

This week Makenzie also got to try out a walker she has used before with little to no success, the Kidwalk. Six months ago all she did in the Kidwalk was flex and cry. This week she took off. Healing... oh blessed healing!

She loved every second! This walker gives her much better positioning and also allows for more weight bearing. It is a much harder walker to propel but Makenzie seemed to know just what to do. She even was able to push her self UP a small incline!

SO the list of equipment grows. I thought once we got Makenzie's wheelchair in December we would have been done for a while but I was wrong. The list of "stuff" we need to get ordered seems to be lever ending and is really quite long at the moment.  Here is the list as of right now.......1. Power chair 2. special needs car seat 3. bath chair that can be converted to a shower chair once the bathroom is remodeled and 4. Kidwalk.

Cross your fingers! Say a prayer! Do an equipment dance because this will be an uphill battle. When it is done and Makenzie once again has all the right "stuff" you will have witnessed another huge miracle! Have I mentioned lately how much I love insurance? Ok, Ok, it is more like a love/hate relationship but I will focus on the love part right now.........

 I am now off to watch a movie with the kids and then fall into bed!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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