Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Settled

I has been an amazing week.

Slowly but surely we are all settling in. Many of the little things that need to be done are getting done around the house and I am figuring out where everything has been placed. The boys have settled in and are loving their huge backyard that happens to be a park. They have found a tree to climb, balls to throw as far as their little arms will let them, and of course they can run until their little legs give out. It has been GREAT! The best part about it is someone else get to water and groom the vast majority of our huge back yard.

Makenzie has enjoyed hanging out on the back deck watching dogs catch balls, baseball, and soccer games, and even a few kites. It has been quite rainy but we have made good use of the time it has been sunny to be outside on the deck.

In speech on Monday Makenzie's therapist set up a choice on her talker to tell about her new house. Makenzie picked it several times and giggled and got so silly every time she would choose that button. Later that day I asked Makenzie if she liked her new house and she smiled so big and babbled all while almost throwing herself out of my lap. I then asked her if she wanted to go back to the old house and immediately she got really quiet and the smile quickly slipped from her face. So smart she is!

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, we have a contract on our old home. We have a long way to go on the process to close the deal and I would like to ask everyone to pray that it goes smoothly. I am most concerned about an issues that could come up with the inspection. We are already upside down on the deal and any major issues could kill the deal completely. Please pray.

This afternoon Makenzie and I will be heading back to Aspen Seating to have her wheelchair adjusted because she has grown so much in the last six months! Her therapist will be meeting us there to make sure that all of Makenzie's needs will be meet when it comes to any new positioning needs and to address some issue we are still having with anchoring her hips.

It is now time for our morning drive to the school! Have a great day!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Angela said...

Praying!!! And has it really be 6 months? Wow time flies.

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