Monday, May 30, 2011

Covered in Paint!

This weekend we decided to get crafty.

Years ago our kitchen table used to be beautiful and then my kids happened.

When we started talking about moving, I started talking about painting my table set black. I have never done such a thing and am about as far away from crafty as you can get so it never happened.

On Sunday however after we went to church we all sat around the living room looking at each other without much of anything to do. Jokingly I mentioned going to Lowes to get spray paint so we could paint the table and my joke quickly turned into reality.

So off we went. All of the kids and the kidwalk in tow to buy paint.

Home improvement stores are some of the best stores to use the walker in. The aisles are wide and the store is huge. Usually there are not to many people around and they have 2 whole isles of ceiling fans and lights for Makenzie to look at!





Makenzie loves the Kidwalk. She has a hard time keeping her hips back and her legs apart in this walker so her PT tried some ace wrap around her thighs which did the trick! Makenzie loved Lowes and Lowes loved her shoes. I thought it was so cool when the employee in the paint department came to say Hi to Makenzie. She got down at her level and said hi. Then she told her how cool her shoes where and asked her where she got them from. Makenzie smiled and then tried to run her over! LOL!

We got our paint and off we went. By this time I was starting to get a bit nervous and thought maybe I should start doing some table shopping online. I was sure we were going to need a new table and chairs by the time we were done!

So we started sanding a few of the surfaces.

Then it was time to put on some primer.

By the time we were done priming, painting, and putting on clear coat I thought I would be covered in paint forever!


The table and chairs look GREAT!!!!!



At our old house the kitchen was not big enough for the leaf to be in the table but we have more then enough room for the bigger version here! I think it looks really good. Now I just need to decide what kind of decor I want to put in this room. Choices, choices. I think I will wait for IKEA to open before I decide. I can't wait!!!

It was a nice weekend!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!!


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