Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"All Of Me"

"All of Me" from Ryan Lynch on Vimeo.

I do not have much time but I was so excited this evening to find out that Matt Hammitt finally released his single "All of Me".

Matt Hammitt's third little boy Bowen, was born with life threatening heart problems in September of this year. He wrote this song about his journey and first released his work tape of "All Of Me" in this blog post. I listened to the song and cried huge crocodile tears. I felt like he wrote this song about my life. It spoke to my heart like no other song has ever spoken to me.

It was all about the last 4 years of our journey. It spoke to the fear I had around raising Makenzie long term and the potential of loosing her. It spoke about the intense love I have for her and also about the days when I felt like my love was not enough. It spoke to all of the pain and the sadness stealing precious time I had to spend just loving my girl. It acknowledged my broken heart.

This song also reminded me that God was in each and every one of the moments I have ever had with any of my children. It reminded me that Heaven did bring me to this moment.

Makenzie is worth every fallen tear. She is worth all of the pain. Her life has forced me to face many of my fears. Her life has been and is worth every second of it! Wreckless love!

You can listen to the full song in this post or buy the single here on iTunes!

Believe... Prayer Works!!!!


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