Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little of This... and.... A Little of That!

Wow! The last few days have been a flurry of craziness!!!

This weekend alone we had 8 showing on the house, a 4H meeting that we got all ready to go to only to find it had been cancelled, a birthday party for my grandma, congestion galore, and more that I just can't remember.

This week we managed to survive the first 2 days of seventh grade at home! We really have had a ton of fun and Mr 13 has done a GREAT job. I am in love with the curriculum that I chose because it is very well organized right out of the box, and there is a little bit of Jesus sprinkled into every single subject.

I have already learned a ton about where the gaps are in the public education my son has received and let me just tell you that if you child is being subjected to the Everyday Math curriculum and his/her school you are in for some fun math catch up at about the sixth grade!

Today we sat at the table and Mr. 13  showed me how he was taught long multiplication after getting nearly all of the answers wrong on his assignment. WOW...... that is really all I have to say about that! SO I showed him how I learned the same skill and then had him try some of the problems again. Low and behold he got them all right! Hmmmmmm.

Also during the last discussion I had with the principal several weeks ago he told me how much extra support my son needed in the class room to stay on task everyday. I was sad to hear such a thing but didn't know that I really believed he really did or if it was just because of the bad social and educational environment he was being taught in. Sure enough, Mr 13 has been Mr. Get it All Done with out much prompting at all. He got up this morning and had already started history before I even crawled out of bed! How's that for needing all that extra support the school claims he needed! Whatever, really at this point it would be hard to get me to believe anything they had to say about any of my kids.

Makenzie is doing so much better today! She fought congestion all weekend. It was constant gagging, coughing, suctioning, and medicine for my princess! Yesterday I called her doctor and asked for some Antibiotics to clear her sinus's. I hate to give her ABX for a runny nose but once her nose stops running and the congestion just sits in her nose and throat it is so miserable for her. I have no clue why it works because I do not believe she has a sinus infection but it does and that is all that matters!

After 2 doses of ABX she has been booger free! She is still coughing but it is not wet, does not cause her to gag, and she did not need her nose sucked at all today!!! Yeah!!! I am so dang happy the snot is gone!

Makenzie is also getting very quick at getting off of the couch. TO the point where leaving her there unattended is not a good idea anymore. She is able to roll to the edge even if I put her at the very back. I am so proud of my girl!

Also in the busyness of this weekend we found out that we will most likely be moving 30 days before we planned on moving. We have appointments set up for flooring and HVAC contractors to come out to the new house this week to give us bids to have new hardwood put down and an AC unit put in. I have begun the thought process on how I am going to pack and move all of our stuff. The reality that the craziness of moving is about to begin has officially set in!!!

So with all of that being said I want to let all of Makenzie's prayer warriors know that we are still here. I am so busy right now and as much as I love to write here between all of Makenzie regular scheduled madness, homeschooling two kids, showing the house, and moving, I will not be able to keep this blog up on a daily basis for a while. I hope you all will understand and continue to pray for Makenzie because your thoughts and prayers mean the world to this family!

This new chapter in our lives is and will continue to be amazing! God is so good!!!

Believe.... Prayer Works!!!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Glad that things are going in the right direction, the move will be a good move, and at least you have a nice family to support you and your sons sound fab too.


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