Friday, April 1, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is.......Knowing that no amount of medicine can make my baby feel as good as my arms when she are sick.

Happiness is..... Holding my girl in my arms all night just so she can get some rest.

Happiness is..... Being able to understand what my child needs even though she can not actually tell me.

Happiness is.... Taking Makenzie to the doctor just to be on the safe side and getting confirmation that even though she has a TON of congestion her lungs sound perfect!

Happiness is..... Feeling the deep rooted fear caused by so many medical issues which are slowly fleeting, slip farther and farther away from my heart.

Happiness is..... spending the day hanging out on the couch with my girl who doesn't feel very good but still giggles and laughs.

Happiness is.... knowing that even though the sick bug has come to visit, Makenzie will still tolerate her food and water.

Happiness is..... the sound of a strong cough, gag, and swallow which keeps infection far away. All of which many thought Makenzie would never have again.

Happiness is..... being able to spread the administration of medication doses farther and father apart.

Happiness is..... watching Makenzie perk up even if it just so happened to be at bed time!

I am so proud of my girl. She has come so far. A cold like this used to send me into panic mode and usually to the ER. It used to mean vomit, dehydration, and sinus issues with every bout of any kind of cold. Not anymore! God's healing has not gone unnoticed. Even when Makenzie is not feeling well and her body is tired Miracles are still abundantly clear!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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