Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover

I have so much to share. Today was a day of very intense emotions. Today we started our own mini Extreme Makeover minus tearing the whole house down! I shed many tears thinking about how much love was going into our new home. We have been so blessed and when/if I get the OK to share the details of how this was all possible I will rush to my keyboard!

Today, we ripped out the wall in the hallway. I say that like I had something to do with it...... um not some much!

The carpet got ripped out through out the house, My mom and grandma scrubbed the kitchen, bathroom, and got the laundry room ready to paint.

Both of my uncles came over and spec ed out where we were going to put a closet in a room that was an office but is soon to be a bedroom and got a really nice looking shelf complete with bead board and hooks put up in the downstairs hallway to make up for the coat closet we lost in the hall widening.

Mr. 13 also spent the day educating himself on home improvement and did a stand up job! He learned how to use a power washer on the back deck, along with a power drill, nail gun, and many other odd and end jobs.

Makenzie and I went back and forth between the new house and therapy at our current house. She was such a trooper. A few times the noise of the loud power tools got to her but for the most part she did great!

Tonight before bed I decided to weigh her. I have not done that in a long time but much to my surprise she has gained one pound, two ounces! Go Makenzie! That was just the icing on the cake for today!

Right now I am on cloud nine. I feel much less stressed then I have been feeling and even got a tentative completion date of May 7th!!! God's goodness, and the kindness of others NEVER ceases to amaze me!!!

SO THANK YOU!  Those two words do not even begin to express my gratitude but they are all that I've got!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Team Carter Jay said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the before and after pics.

Angela said...

I am so exciting for the progress being made. I can't wait to hear the details. Congrats on the new house.

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