Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eggs, Birthday, Fun..... Oh My!

Today was a wonderfully over the top crazy busy but tons of fun kind of day.

We started out taking a drive into the country for a 4H meeting. We got to drive on several county roads many of which were dirt and very bumpy. Makenzie laughed so hard. However as soon as I pulled into the driveway I got an e mail telling me that the meeting had been cancelled! Go figure. SO we turned around and headed back home.

We got home only to find someone showing the house so we went to the store for a few things and made a second drive buy to find the second showing there. By the time we walked through the front door we had been in the car for almost 3 hours! Oh fun!

Seizing a little bit of extra time we colored our Easter Eggs. I set Makenzie up in her chair with her talker so that she could tell me what color she wanted her eggs. It was so cute. She picked green, two orange, and pink. I am pretty sure we got more dye on us then we did on the egg but Makenzie had a great time putting the eggs in the cup and then trying to fish them out.

After we were done with the eggs Makenzie decided it was time to sing. It was Mr 9's 10's birthday today so I asked her if she wanted to sing her big brother Happy Birthday on her talker. She gave a huge smile and went to work finding the song. The next thing we know "Happy Birthday" is playing loud and clear. She giggled and laughed and we all sang along! She was so proud!

Then it was time for pizza, cake, ice cream, friends, and family, to celebrate my amazing son! We had a wonderful time.

Moving right along...... After our little party I took the boys and two of Mr. 10's friends to Jump Street. Oh did they have fun. They jumped and flipped and played many intense games of dodge ball. By the end of the trip they were all red in the face and worn out!

They had an area for little people there as well so Makenzie and I took our shoes off and did a little jumping, sliding, and bouncing around too. Makenzie loved sliding down the edge of the tramp, and she sat up straight and tall for a good long while watching all of the other kids come and go! It was a great time shared by all!

So needless to say I am tired! Very tired! Tomorrow is Easter! I am so Glad that we can spend the day with family thinking about what Jesus did and thanking Him for loving us that much!

I am going to head to bed early tonight so that I can enjoy the day with a little extra rest and hopefully energy!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Team Carter Jay said...

I just found your blog, and wanted to say Hi! It looks like Makenzie is an amazing girl!

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