Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Safe and Rested!

I am sitting at my computer this morning in complete silence. The boys are with their grandma, Makenzie and Morgan are sleeping, Haley is with her grandma, and Zakk and Erica are at the hospital with Emily. While I dearly love my family and friends this moment of silence has been kinda nice!

Yesterday Makenzie and I headed up to the hospital in the early morning to be with Erica during a surgery to place a g tube in her daughter. It was a super hard decision because Emily can eat but she is not eating enough to grow properly and every meal is a battle. So yesterday was the day.

Everything went super well and in kid fashion Emily made a liar out of all of us by eating her whole dinner. I guess when it has been almost 24 hours since your last meal, hungry is an understatement... even for a kid who hates to eat!

I took Makenzie and Morgan home in the afternoon and we hung out. We had a showing scheduled between 6-7:30pm but I decided they were going to have to look around us because Morgan was down for a nap and Makenzie was eating. I thought they were a no show until the doorbell rang at 8pm. I rushed downstairs with a wet, just bathed Morgan, and opened the door. They looked at the house and left. The agent apologized for being late and said he should have called.... hmmmmmm ya think?

I had both kids bathed and in bed by nine with enough time to sit down and watch teen mom before heading to bed. I figured I would up with Morgan several times last night because that is his style but nope. I fed him a bit before I pulled the covers over me at about 11pm and he is still sleeping! Yeah me!!!!

So the business continues! Today is going to be a good day! Emily is safe, doing well and should be home today, I got to sleep last night, the boys will be home, and so far we only have one showing scheduled! Off to go start the morning pick up!!!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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