Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Power Chair Trial!

 Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.....

That was the theme of today. We started our day out bright and early to get ready for an appointment downtown for a power chair evaluation.

I was so excited about this appointment. We have been talking about trying Makenzie in a power chair for a long time. She tried one before she got her new seat at a DME Expo a while back and she loved it. I knew she understood it and now we were finally going to see if she could get past the physical challenges of driving the chair.


This video says it all....................

We have done most of Makenzie's recent seating projects through APT. They have a seating simulator that serves many purposes one of which is power trials. 

We started with one switch at her elbow and let Makenzie spin in circles. She giggled and laughed so hard. Then the therapist added a second mechanical switch next to her head. With a head switch you are supposed to tilt your head to activate it. Makenzie thought it better to turn her whole head and smush her whole face and eye into it. So they traded the mechanical switch out for a proximity switch and she did much better.

It was so wonderful to see Makenzie moving. Even more awesome was to see her do more then spin and actually go where she wanted and be able to stop and go on command so many times!

It was not to long ago I recall dreaming of this day. I remember hoping and dreaming one day Makenzie would be able to have some kind of independent movement. I can't believe today is here and she is walking and driving herself all over the place! God is so so so so GOOD!

We headed home for Makenzie's speech appointment and for me to clean for our first showing!!!! I had two agents that wanted to show my house today but had to tell one no because Makenzie had therapy and they count come later. I guess that is how this is going to go because my life can't stop and Makenzie can't miss therapy for someone to maybe come by for 10 minutes.

By the time the hour was up Makenzie had had a ton of fun, the house was clean, and we were ready to load up in the car to run a few errands on account of getting kicked out of the house.


We made it to Target, Petco, and picked up some lunch before heading back to the house for OT. I think I am going to make a T-shirt that says " I had my first showing..... and lived to smile about it!"

It was a great day. 

Believe... Prayer Works!


Shelly said...

Oh my goodness, Makenzie looked so good in the chair! You would have never guessed that was her first time! I hope the trials continue to go well and she gets that independence soon! Good luck with the house too!

Cari said...

What beautiful pictures! Our daughter is still learning to drive her power chair but it is awesome to see her have that kind of mobility!

WhitneyBooze said...

Hey Pam.
Great video of Kenz in the power chair. I could tell she knew what she was doing when she turned around/ vs. came forward to mommy.

You must be so excited.

It's funny how all of these very teeny tiny little baby centimeters of progress finally add up to something great!!!!!


wheeliebird50 said...

OMGosh Pam she was so proud of herself!! It was just awesome seeing her move herself!! I can just imagine what technology has in store for her years down the road when she becomes an adult!! i can see your girl there go far in life!! :)

Angela said...

That is awesome. She is such a smart girl and it truly shows. Way to Makenzie!!

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