Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moving Right along!

Makenzie thinks Morgan is great!

This afternoon my friend Erica showed up. It was so good to see her and Mr. Morgan. Makenzie sat and giggled every time he would move, make a toy sing, or yell. It was almost uncontrollable. At one point I was trying to talk on the phone and I could hardly have a conversation because she was laughing so hard.

Even cooler, after having not seen Erica or Morgan for over two months I asked Makenzie where Morgan was in a room full of kids, and she looked right at him. There was no lag time at all. Fun, Amazing stuff!

I got the appraisal results back on the new house and included was a few pictures of the house. Erica and I sat and looked at them for a good long while. It felt so good to finally share this with a close friend. We sat at the computer talking about how much she loved the house and how we would be able to modify it to meet our families needs. It really is the perfect house and I am getting so much more excited and less stressed about all of it everyday!

Everyone had a bath and is now in bed. I have a meeting with the middle school principal in the morning, after speech therapy, but before the realtor comes to put the house on the market! Ahhhhhhh

I have still not decided what I am going to do about Mr 13's school situation but I am praying for answers and am also very interested to hear what the principal has to say about it all. In the mean time I decided to pursue an activity that Mr 13 has shown interest in for quite awhile. I surprised him this afternoon and he could not have been more excited! Thank You Michelle! I love and miss you dearly! I am hoping this will give him a positive outlet that will help him begin to heal from the trauma he has endured the last couple of years and he will find friends who will like him for who he is! Man I love that kid!

It is now time to sit down and have a margarita with my friend..... we have a lot of catching up to do!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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