Monday, March 14, 2011


We started this week with a bang.

Makenzie had Speech which went very well. They played with bubbles, and read several books. Makenzie made it very clear when she wanted to do it herself. Last week we added the "I want to do it myself" button and I am pretty sure it is the best dang choice on her talker!

After speech we headed downtown for what was supposed to be the first of three appointments to evaluate Makenzie for a power chair. We got a bit side tracked with adjusting her chair and by the time we finished there was not enough time to get Makenzie all set up in the simulator. So the therapist took measurements of her chair and next week she will be all ready to slide Makenzie's Aspen Chair into the simulator and start trying out different switch points. I am so excited because as soon as we get moved into our new house they should have a power chair all set up for Makenzie to borrow and practice in before she gets her very own!

So instead we took a look at the positioning bed. Makenzie loves to sleep in a ball on her side. This is horrible for her spine and hips. We took some time to set it up and Makenzie melted right into it. She was straight and long and very comfy! We go back in on Monday so we will talk about the bed a bit again then but I am hoping we can also trial that at home soon. The process to get one without paying for it out of pocket to the tube of about $5000.00 will be a long battle but there are many who have won.

So I guess I am now gearing up for 2 big battles.... a power chair and a bed! Ahhhhhhhh Not to mention I am hoping to get Makenzie back in school next year which will require a good attorney and a transition meeting before June...... Geez!

This after noon Makenzie and I took a little rest on the couch. If there is one thing that makes me happy it is curring up and cuddling with Makenzie. However she has decided that there is too much going on around her and she is much less willing to just lay with me these days. While I was resting she rolled herself right on off the couch three times. I was holding onto her so there was no real falling involved and boy was she ever proud.

I decided since she was on a roll..... literally..... I would video it.

Then tonight it was super nice. The boys were playing outside. One of them came in a walked past Makenzie and turned around and went back outside. Makenzie's lip came out and then came the tears. I looked at her and then asked if she wanted to go outside. I told her if she did she needed to smile so I would know. Immediately she stopped crying and a huge grin crept over her face. So out we went. She watched the boys ride bikes, and skateboard down the drive way and as soon as she was done with her dinner, I got her out of her chair and she chased the boys with mommies help! Amazing times!

Now all is quiet and I am ready to head off to bed! God is so good! What a wonderful Monday!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Anonymous said...

Makenzie is very lucky to have such an amazing mummy!

ParkerMama said...

Together you and Makenzie can take on anything!

Tammy and Parker

Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

I agree with Anonymous, what a beautiful video, I know Makenzie has a winning smile, but the video just made me all teary, she is just such a lovely girl and WOW her sitting like you said, looked fantastic. Really happy that the injections paid off. Makenzie is very lucky to have such an amazing mummy, and family.

Love Mel

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