Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Migraine Kind of Day!

Today has been a frustrating, migraine headache, kind of day!

First thing this this morning I found out one of my best friends had been in a car accident. To add insult to injury her car was 3 weeks old, brand new straight from the factory. My friend and her son are safe and in the end this all that matters.

Makenzie and I had a fairly relaxing day. I had some things I needed to do but her therapists was running really late so I canned my errands for another day.

When the boys got home I noticed that my oldest son was off. He was mopey and looked so sad. I sat down with him and we talked. Then the sobbing began. Mind you my son doesn't cry. He began to tell me how mean kids at school were to him. He told me how he felt like he did have any friends and then he told me some of the absolutely HORRIBLE names he was being called on a daily bases. Bullying at its best. Let me tell you my sons grades are reflective of this trauma as well.

I am so confused about what to do. These kids are killing my sons spirit. They are dashing his dreams of getting into the Air Force academy. They are causing him to be sad and very angry. They are making him just plain miserable.

The problem is .... what the heck do you do? I could go down to the school but obviously they are breading this environment so how do they just make it stop. My son could name names to them and then be treated worse for being a snitch or I could do nothing but tell my son how wonderful I think he is and let him tough it out.

I have talked to a few people tonight about some other options. I am going to make some phone calls in the morning and when I get some more info these pissed off mama bear will be heading down to the school to make herself known. This is ending this week one way or another because my son is not going to be front page news.

I want to give a great big sarcastic Thank You to the school and the district for keeping my kid safe and providing him with such a wonderful environment to learn in! I am sure as with every other issue I have had with this school district this is my fault too.

On a brighter note tomorrow I will get to see this little man again!

He is crawling and pulling himself up now. I can't wait to see my friend and her family! It has been WAY to long!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as I have a lot of big decisions to make! It never ends!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Well... Feverfew is fabulous for a migraine.

For the bullying, I would for sure go down to the school. I can't remember how old your son is and I know he's a lot older than mine, but I do help our Scouts, so my advice is...

I think you and him need to sit down with the principle and if names be named, then name them. The reason I say is, that to me apart from things getting physical, it's already gone way to far, and it can't get much worse before it does become physical too. So I think by naming names at this stage even if it's in the school management's confidence, is the way to go. If it's affecting his grades as well as his general happiness and he's told you, he's crying out for Mama Bear for sure to go and kick some butt.

not remembering how old he is, if he's near entry age, then you can talk to the local enlisting officer and explain what's been happening, and maybe they might be able to help, have idea's too. Also just a thought if he's near the age of being able to join, then maybe an officer could come and visit the school and do a talk, maybe involving your son or not... and that might help too, if the bullying was future career choice caused.

What I do know, you are an exceptional mother and go with what your mama bear heart says as I think you instinct and intuition is good. and don't forget you have your fab mum and grandparents too. They've been there and done that and got 6 t-shirts. If you fancy a rant, I don't mind.

All 3 of mine have been bullied this year, thankfully at present it's all stopped. My eldest as he's bright, my daughter because of her younger brother has CP, and so me and another mum paired our daughters up to be friends,... crazy eh! but it worked since they've played each recess together it's totally stopped... and my youngest with CP for having CP, but now he's got a fabulous 6ft male aid and that's all stopped too.

Maybe you could ask your other son, he's "current" and might have seen some strategies that have worked, I hope he isn't being cyber bullied too, as that can be horrible I've heard.

If you are friends with any of his classmates parents that's a good place to start too, work out who's willing to stamp out the bullying as if the bullies stop on your son, they'll be looking for someone elses next...

Maybe chat to your minister?

Good Luck


Mel xxx

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