Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loose Goose

Makenzie worked so hard today!

Her legs are so loose but perfect loose! She is bearing weight, long sitting, ring sitting, and Indian sitting, great and that makes this mommy very happy. She is also moving her legs a ton more! This morning she decided that she wanted to get off the couch so she rolled over, put her feet on the ground, looked up at me, and then I caught her before she toppled over onto the ground! She was so very proud!

Even though the whole injection process was stressful, it was most defiantly the right thing to do! I am hoping  we can use this window to strengthen the smaller muscles in her legs before the Phenol wears off so that there will be no needs for any more stressful procedures.

We can not do any active stretching until next Thursday but here is a picture of how loose Makenzie's aductors are with no effort!

Other then that we had a busy day that just ended for me with the painting of another wall in my house.

Believe... Prayer  Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

That's super, so glad the injections worked out and so lovely to see the progress. I still can't believe what a lovely family you have with your mum and gran coming to help you out with painting etc. Really just so lovely. This is going to be a super year for you all, love Mel x. My Oatie went on his first fieldtrip today and without me, what a huge milestone.

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