Thursday, March 31, 2011


I never thought that I would be hanging out at the kitchen sink with one of my closest friends bonding over priming feeding pumps. Five years ago when I met Erica I knew there was a reason our paths crossed but I had no idea our relationship would flourish to the point of being more like family then friends.

Last night we took all of the tape and gauze off of Emily's surgery site. She was not very happy with either of us. We gave Emily some of the formula they sent home through her new tube after she refused to eat. After about 150cc's she projectile vomited. Erica and I just stood there and laughed while cleaning her up. If you don't laugh you cry and laughing is so much more fun. Emily looked very confused but had a great time wiping the mess up and had even more fun in the bath. Kids are so resilient!

So this morning I showed Erica a few tricks of the blended formula world. We fixed Emily up some fresh, mostly organic food which she tolerated MUCH better! Amazing how that works!

Over and over today I have heard the words thank you which meant the world to me. While I would like to think that neither of our kids needed a g tube it makes me feel so good to be able to walk through this time with my friend. To be able to show her all I know and help eliminate all of the many hours she may have spent trying to figure it all out alone.

Even in the craziness of my life right now, shining  through all of the struggles I have been through I am so content.  If you would have asked me four years ago if I would enjoy helping others learn about stem cells, g-tube care, wheelchairs, blended formula, walkers, or the number of other things it takes to raise a child with special needs I would have told you NO! Today however I feel so full of pride to know, understand, and be a part of the wonderful world called special needs.

On the Makenzie front, she is sick with a cold. However, she is still doing great with her feeds and all be it a bit tired she was still super happy today! She and I ended up on the couch last night which was super comfy (hear the sarcasm in my voice?) but she slept and that is all that matters!

Tonight as I laid her down to bed Makenzie wanted mommy to hold her so I did. She curled up in my lap and I watched as her eyes slowly closed. As she drifted off to dreamland her congestion got the best of her. She gave a couple great coughs, swallowed a couple big beautiful swallows and drifted back to sleep. Colds like this used to send us to the hospital because she couldn't manage all the extra secretions. I laid Makenzie on her pillow and said a little extra prayer of thanksgiving for the glorious healing He has given Makenzie and shut the door. Who knows, we may end up on the couch again tonight but I don't mind! It is such a special time!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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