Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Old

The last couple of days have been busy ones.

Makenzie of course has had therapy which has gone well and she continues to do amazing.

More of my days however have been consumed with running around getting paint mixed, purchasing brushes rollers, texture, and looking at carpet. The house is going on the market in just over two weeks and there is a lot to do to make it show ready.

I learned a new language called carpet speak which honestly is quite interesting. If you aren't already fluent in carpet speak here is a short run down. Carpet quality is measured in ounces.  The quality of carpet padding is measured in pounds and..... FHA standards require at least a 20oz carpet with a 6lb pad. I also learned that when the carpet I have covering my stairs was installed over 10 years ago, they used the waterfall method. Uh ya.

In this process I met an amazing woman who, out of the goodness of her heart, went to bat for our family.  After measuring our home, talking a bit about Makenzie and our situation, giving me a bid and praying over me she returned to tell me that she had spoken with her manager about getting the floors done for free. Whether or not that happens, which I found out this afternoon would not, the thought and effort of a complete stranger touched my heart very deeply!

This morning at about 8am my grandma came over to help me start taking the wallpaper boarder off of the walls in the boy's rooms. She ended up doing most of it because I had to tend to Makenzie's needs but I managed to get all of the brackets down from old rope lights that were hung and removed LONG ago! I started with a screwdriver and ended with a drill which made me pretty proud because I am SO not handy!! I then patched all of the holes and by 3pm we had three rooms completely ready to paint!

Goodbye old......

 This evening we headed out to get a couple more quotes on carpet. I got one that was more and one that was almost $1200 less. Now you do the math. Same quality carpet, made out of the same material, for the same amount of space! I was really glad I understood carpet speak tonight because I would have gotten robbed!

The first company told me they would price match but I am not sure they will match that big of a difference. Regardless of who puts it in we will have new carpet and paint upstairs in the next 14 days.

As reality sets in a bit more every day I still continue to have emotional highs and lows. This is so much fun but so hard at the same time. I walked out into my back yard this afternoon to find the "hole to China" had been filled in my the boys. They have been digging that hole a little bit everyday that the sun has come out for the last 9 years. Now it is gone. Sad!

Then I think about how much more freedom Makenzie will have and how much more space the boys will have to run and hang out in our new house and my heart beats with with so much excitement!

In two weeks every aspect of this process will be final. Dates will be set in stone and we will begin to learn another new language..... hardwood floor jabber. Let the bids begin..... again!!!! Lots to do. Plenty of time and many  amazing people to help!

Oh and on a side note...... really the best part of the day in my opinion..... While we were out running errands tonight Makenzie got super cranky.  I looked at the time and it was almost and hour past when she was due to eat. I asked her if she was hungry and she smiled. She fussed all the way home and sobbed when I got food for the boys at Sonic. When I got her home and started her feed she stopped fussing and went back to being happy Makenzie. I really think she felt hungry. Her mood changed and then she seemed satisfied! This is HUGE! She has NEVER EVER cared about eating and never showed ANY signs of hunger!!! God is so good!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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