Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today we painted. Ok, my mom and grandma did most of the painting while I ran back and forth between the roller and Makenzie.

Days like today make me so much more excited to move. Having a ranch house will not fix everything but it will defiantly make life easier.

Taking care of Makenzie is such a great job but it is enough to fill most of the day all by itself. She is a great kid. She is happy, and not overly needy. However, her day is very chopped up between therapy, eating, errands, and simple 5 year old play time.

Today we brought her chair upstairs for a while after lunch so she could be around all the action. She sat and played with her iPad, babbled and just watched. After a while she got fed up with her chair and my uncle had sprayed some more texture so I took her back downstairs and laid her on the mat. I put a few toys around her and headed back upstairs.

I hated that she was downstairs all by herself so I was up and down. Just as I would pick up the roller she would holler. I would march mack down the stairs, give her some attention, and then head back up. After a bit of this I just got plain frustrated.

She wants to be a part of everything and I want that for her. Moments like these make me realize why it is sometimes so hard to get anything done and or why I lack motivation. The back and forth between what needs to be done and what Makenzie wants and needs is exhausting.

Having everything on one level will be amazing. Being able to push her into each and every room to put away the laundry, sweep, wipe down the bathrooms, and so on, will help. It will help her be a part of everything and it will help me to be able get more done with many less interruptions!

God is so good!

Believe... Prayer Works!


ParkerMama said...

LOVE that picture in your header!

Tammy and Parker

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