Saturday, March 12, 2011


Makenzie's procedure is over, the house is painted, the carpet is in, and most all of the other major projects were completed today and I felt an amazing amount of stress leap off of my shoulders today!

As I looked around my home this evening all put together, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of my life.  After four years of medical crisis, exhaustion, and overall busyness, finally taking the time to turn my house back into a home has been breath taking!

The sad part to this story is we did all of this so we could move out. Funny how that works!

However for today, we will enjoy this home and when the time comes, we will work just as hard to make our new house into a home because at the end of the day this is what makes brick, wood, pipes, and wires a home.....

Hopefully by this time next week our home will be on the market. It has been a fast and furious journey and we are ready! Please say a prayer for the perfect buyer! God's timing in all of this has been perfect and we continue to stand in complete trust that God will finish what he started!

Believe..,. Prayer Works!


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