Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cooling Down.....

Well I decided to spend the last 24 hours cooling down. Yeah that's how well the lovely meeting at my sons school went.

I am so sick and tired of all of this.

I walked into the school office exactly on time. I made extra sure to do this because the last time I was 10 minutes late and the person I was meeting with had already moved onto something else and the meeting did not happen.

When I walked in I heard the principal tell the secretary to have me take a seat because he needed to make a phone call. I told the secretary that my daughter needed to eat in 45 minutes and I had another appointment scheduled shortly after. She proceeded to shrug her shoulders and roll her eyes. I sat and waited for 20 minutes.

We sat down and he asked me what was going on, to which I told him that my son was miserable at school. I gave him a few examples and then his response came which rendered me almost speechless. He suggested that since I had already written the school off we needed to find a new school for Mr 13 to go to! WHAT! Somehow my concerns about what was happening TO my son meant that I had written the school off?

I looked at Dr. Principal and almost laughed. Instead I said with much agitation... So, You don't want to deal with this..... is that what you are telling me? From that point on the conversation took many twists and turns. My son got blamed for not turning in incident reports, he questioned why I had never talked to him before yesterday even though I have talked to everyone else involved numerous times, and suggested that we should not focus on how my son felt but instead on what was going on with him.

The final straw for me was when his solution was to have a big huge pow wow with the dean, counselor, teachers, and himself, after they did a bunch of testing on Mr 13 for special needs, learning disabilities, and behaviour disorders. GASP! WHAT?! Mind you my son has gotten nothing but average and above average scores on all state testing and has never been in trouble for any kid of bad behaviours at school!

So that fact that my son has been treated in ways no human being should ever be treated somehow got turned into my very smart and incredibly responsible son having learning disabilities and behaviour problems. So very far from what is going on! REALLY?!!!! I am just sick. I went in there hoping some one would have some empathy and stand up for my kid letting him know what a great kid he was and that he would not be treated as anything less. I left knowing that my child would never be made to feel like that but most likely would be made to feel even worse about himself.

I drove home sobbing. I was so scared for my little but not so little anymore boy. I was so angry at the place that should be rooting for and protecting my kid but instead chooses to turn their backs to the real issue. So sad.

Needless to say Mr. 13 officially had his last day of 7th grade at the public school. On Monday I will be going up there with him to get his records, turn in my intent to home school, and get all of his possessions. I have already purchased and enrolled him in a Christian based homeschooling program and he is SO excited. We are going to start at the beginning of 7th grade so he can catch up what he has missed this year. It has been great to watch him walk around smiling and overall a different child. I watched a weight come off his shoulders in that moment and this mom could not be any more sure about the decisions that were made in the last 24 hours.
"Its not running away from the problem-its facing the fact there is a problem and that there is a solution" Sharon S

Even though this adds more to my daily load, I feel so much lighter too.  Well I felt lighter until two of my boys started puking this evening! Please pray that one one, else especially Makenzie gets this stomach bug!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Sorry I'm typing on my phone, but that is outrageous, I think it's great you're homeschooling Mr13, I also hope that you report the principal about his actions or lack of them towards mr13 as to me, he has neglected his responsibilities towards your son and if he had been any kind of principal his "team" or him himself should have noticed mr13's work/behaviour deteriorating. I have also found out that they like "coded" children and get some kids coded without their parents knowledge or consent so the school gets more money!

I too would have pulled my kid from there but I do hope you report him as that is just awful, glad Mr13's smiling again and hope M doesn't catch it xxx

My Blog said...

Wow, some people are appalling! I am so sorry that people feel it's okay to treat others that way. Glad to hear your kiddo is finally going to be able to be happy while learning!

Kristina said...

I am so sorry for the response that you received. Bullying is such a huge issue in this country and the schools need to take it seriously! It seems like the solution you have was well received by your son. I just pray for the other children in the school that are being bullied and the administration is not doing anything about it.

I truly hope that you find a much more acceptable school district for your new house!

Angela said...

I'm am so angered by their reactions that I am now in tears. I can't imagine how you are feeling. Rediculous!!! However, pretty much that is how it went with my oldest when he got to high school. I'm glad everyone is excited to get the homeschooling going. Let us know how it goes. (((Hugs))) to you all.

hannah said...

What a sorry excuse for a principal! That is absolutely ridiculous. He should be doing everything in his power to stand up for your son and against bullying and to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students. Good for you for deciding to home school your son. His happiness is most important.

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