Monday, March 28, 2011

Clean Up!

The last 3 days have been insane. I am pretty sure I have spent more time away from home then I have at home. We have done birthday parties, The Children's Museum, Church, picnics, showings galore, and I am tired!

This morning we had speech, a nurse visit, and now are trying to get the house back under control for a showing this afternoon (it is crazy how fast one room or a whole house can fall apart!), getting the boys ready to go to the mountains with their grandma, and tying up loose ends before my friends daughter has surgery tomorrow morning!

Quite honestly this business is normal for me. What is not is the incessant cleaning. By 9:15am this morning I already had a showing scheduled for later this afternoon. I really want to sell my house, I really do...and having a super clean house all the time is nice, it really is.....but after a week I am now worn out. I am so darn tired of living to clean. I am tired of getting up early every morning because leaving the house is not just leaving the house anymore. Tired of spending the first and last 2 hours of my life mopping, sweeping, making beds, vacuuming, doing dishes, and making sure not one little thing is out of place.... ever!

Did I mention I have 4 children. Oh, and this week is spring break!

I am tired, frustrated, DONE! I am sure amazing things are happening around here that I could write about but I am too tired and preoccupied to notice them.

Tomorrow I will be at the hospital with my friend by 8:00am while her daughter undergoes the placement of a g tube. She needs me there and I am honored to be with her. Quite frankly I am praying that tomorrow is a day of drought on the showing front because I need a break.

Call me a weeny, call me weak, call me unorganized, call me anything you like but it is what it is. It has become the sad new focus of my life. The end result will be wonderful but God better pick me up because I can't walk anymore.

Now I will go back to getting the kids back on track to doing their chores so that we can leave the house. It sounds like they are having a lot of fun. I can hear giggling and laughing but we have no time for that. We must clean some more.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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