Sunday, March 6, 2011


A few days ago I learned of a little boy who is in the hospital. A little boy who 6 days ago was just a normal little kid. Tonight he is fighting for his life after choking on a piece of food. It is not my story to tell but I ask that you PLEASE PRAY for little Avery!

 I wish I had had someone who understood what I was going through back in the early days of Makenzie's journey, so today I was honored to share my heart with this mommy who is suffering through so much pain tonight.

How though do you adequately explain this journey when there are so many unknowns? How do you tell another mother that it will be ok even if it is not ok? How do you describe the simultaneous dance of joy and sorrow on this very scary but amazing journey? How do you explain how each child's recovery is so very unique and different?  How do you help replenish the belief of God's power in the heart of a mother who is struggling to understand how this could happen to her little boy?

As I prayed for this family tears ran down my cheeks. I pleaded just as I did almost 4 years ago for God to show Avery's mommy a sign that would give her peace and hope. I begged God to take away this mothers pain and allow her little boy to wake up. I prayed that she would be able to tune out any prognosis the doctors have given her son and focus on what God can and will do, regardless of what anyone has to say about it.

It once again brought me back to a time in my life when I had the same pain.  A time when I thought nothing was ever going to be ok again. A time when God felt so far away but I believed He was right there even though I couldn't see or feel Him. A time when all I wanted to do was hold my princess but I couldn't. A time when the bubbles coming from a machine, on the floor, fixing Makenzie's lungs comforted my heart. A time I never ever want to live through again! A time that no mother should ever have to live through.

Please Pray for Avery. Pray for FULL RESTORATION over his body and soul. Pray for peace and hope to wash over his whole family! Just pray!

Believe... Prayer Works and Miracle Happen!


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