Friday, March 25, 2011

American Girl

I remember one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind after Makenzie accident and realizing how bad her injuries could be was that she was my only girl. I remember hugging my cousin and sobbing.  I sobbed about  the loss of slumber parties, nail painting, dressing up, pink pretties, and princesses. My cousin looked right into my eyes and assured me that I would still have those things.

She was right!

Makenzie loves pink pretties, her favorite ride at Disney is the Matterhorn roller coaster, she loves having her nails painted, and her hair is beautiful curled and braided! Today we checked off one more of my dreams from the only girl dream list.......

We went to American Girl!!!

I was not sure how Makenzie would react but I had high hopes. She blew my hopes right out of the water! Makenzie loved every second. We touched and looked at everything. She smiled and laughed and made it very clear which doll she liked best.

Of course mommy had to buy it for her!

As I walked around the store I watched all of the other little girls milling around. They all had the same look of sheer joy that Makenzie had. They touched and begged, and then touched some more. I stopped for a moment and just took it all in. Then I wondered if their moms appreciated this experience as much as I did. I wondered how many of them begrudgingly came just to appease their child. I wondered if anyone in that store truly understood the beauty contained with in those walls. I sure did!


After we were done at American Girl we headed to the mall to get a replacement shield put on the iPad and then out for lunch.  

Then to add the icing to the cake... literally... my mom brought over an super yummy ice cream cake! So tonight before I put Makenzie to bed we had sparkling cider and cake with a toast to Makenzie and four more years of healing and joy!

It was a perfect day! 

Thank you all so much for your support over the last 4 years! God is not done with my little princesses yet! 
Believe... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

What a beautiful post, Mackenzies expressions-joy is totally priceless. My favorite is the one where she hugging the doll. xxx

The Dean Family said...

I know this is an older post, but I am just getting to read it and I cryed the ENTIRE time. I too when Emerson's accident happened cryed about her being my only girl and missing out on the slumber parties, nail painting, barbie dolls, baby dolls, playing with her kitchen, etc. Makenzie is so lucky to have a mom like you and I can only hope and pray that I am half of you and that Emerson is healed like Makenzie! I will continue to pray for your baby girl! I just want to say I am soooo thrilled at how much the American Girl doll meant to Makenzie and I am glad you were able to do that for her. I hope one day I can do the same for Emerson! Many Blessings.

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