Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday! It has been frigidly cold the last couple of days around here. The kids have been out of school. Last night after putting them to bed the warm couch and some good TV was calling my name!

Yesterday I attempted to go out and shovel the walks and got about halfway down the driveway before I could feel my coat begin to freeze. By the end of the driveway my hands were numb and I promptly gave up gave up!

So we hung out inside cuddled up. Makenzie's therapist braved the weather and my Grandparents made a quick stop over to say goodbye before they headed back to even colder conditions. We cleaned the house until the mood became irritable and then we cleaned no more. My back has also been in pretty painful spasms for the last 2 days so getting much physical stuff done has been well.... interesting! There is no rest for the weary!

I am really tired of being stuck inside. When I don't have anything to do or anywhere to go boredom gets the best of me. My mind wonders and lately google got more then its fair share of use.

I went on which by the way I told myself I wasn't going to do.....yet. I searched until I couldn't search anymore. After putting in all of my home requirements guess how many homes in my area I came up with.... 8 ..... A little picky eh..... or just too many needs. I am not sure if this a good or bad thing.

Then I did some else I told myself I wasn't going to do either. I fell in love with one of those eight. CRAP! So I had to do a lot of praying for God's leading and peace. This is where I loose site and have to separate emotions from God's plan. It is a hard thing because after talking to the real estate agent I could just picture this home's perfectness for everyone in our family, in just the neighborhood I was hoping to find a home in. What I do know is that God's timing in my life has been spot on so I will trust He knows how this is all going to work out!

However, as I walked around my house today looking at all of the stuff I have accumulated over the last 10 years I had to resist the urge to head off towards Home Depot to get boxes and start ridding my life of stuff. I am so ready to start getting rid of like half my house. I can't wait to take a van load of toys to the therapy clinic, donate Makenzie's old equipment to Kid's Mobility and throw a bunch of stuff out! I will finally go through all of the bags of Makenzie's baby clothes that I have not had the emotional energy to deal with and actually get rid of boxes containing stuff we moved in here 10 years ago but never unpacked. Fresh starts, new beginnings, fuzzy, happy feelings.

Ok, so I digressed.....

Today the boys were overjoyed to hear they did not have school again. They did a great job of helping this morning with some house work and playing with their sister.

Makenzie had therapy and did outstanding! She just keeps blowing us away! There were several times the PT and myself just looked at each other with wide eyes and gaping mouths because Makenzie had done something absolutely amazing! She is doing wonderful with weight into her arms and hand. Also, as a result of her time in the walker she is now actively getting her heel down on the floor more and more in standing! We continue to stand in awe of God's healing in Makenzie.


This afternoon I had to get out of my house. Everyone was going stir crazy and the boys were beginning to fight so we headed to Wal Mart for some staples and Sprout's Baby food for Makenzie. (she has also been doing a wonderful job eating again!)  I decided since we were in no hurry I would take Makenzie's walker instead of the wheel chair. As we pulled up I began to regret not even taking the wheelchair as we had a ton to get but it was a little to late at that point. Makenzie however should never be under estimated. She made it the whole way through Wal Mart. I helped her out here and there but she did most of it and was so very proud!

Everyone is in bed, the groceries are still on the table, my back is killing me, but life is good! I am off to put the said food away and head to bed!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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