Friday, February 11, 2011


Makenzie and the boys are sitting down watching Princess and the Frog. Yes those boys much love their little sister to sit and watch such a movie! LOL!

Makenzie has been really emotional the last couple of days. I am not sure if something is bothering her or she is just wanting to do more but it is quite cute.

She doesn't want to be alone, there is no walking out of the room, she wines when I put her in her wheelchair until I turn on something for her to watch on TV or sit and entertain her. She has pitched huge fits before bedtime every night this week and fusses when I sit down with her because she wants to play.  There is no rest for the weary over here these days! I would say Makenzie is spoiled but really to me it is her telling me what she wants and needs. I love it! Spoiled or not!

Makenzie has also been very vocal about many other things. She did wonderful in Speech yesterday. She played some fun games and used her talker and voice to let us now what she wanted. She also has been "begging" for food a ton when you eat in front of her. She looks right at you, starts to salivate, and babbles until you give her a bite. She loves to eat now if we could get her to eat enough to pull the tube, this mommy would be so happy!

However the tube feedings have been going so well that Makenzie has gained over a pound in the last couple of weeks. This is a wonderful thing for her...... not so much for me. All of the sudden I feel like she is so heavy. Doing things like getting her dressed, changing her diaper, giving her a bath, and getting her in the car have really been kicking my butt lately! I think this moving thing has come at just the right time because lifting Makenzie up and down all day is defiantly getting harder.

I tired to get some good pictures of my boys this week but this is what happens when I get out my camera......


My oldest will indulge me a bit but most of the time side shots are the best he will give so I guess I will take it! I got lucky here! LOL!

I am really so very proud of my kids! They have had a great week. I started cleaning out my house one week ago and have already more or less finished my basement and first level. The boys have helped so much with this process and around the house in general. They have gotten along very well and even shoveled the snow off the side walks several times. They are growing up so fast!!!

We don't really have much planned for this weekend so I am hoping to tackle the boy's rooms and the garage. It really is so liberating to get rid of stuff! I am not going to want to sell my house by the time I reclaim it from all the clutter! 

Have a great Saturday

Believe... Prayer Works!


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