Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rehab Fun

This morning when I left the house it was two degrees outside. It was cold, cold, cold!

We had a rehab appointment at 9am that I had already rescheduled once due to weather so we had to go! The roads were a bit better then an ice skating rink but still super slow as we trudged across the city to see one of Makenzie's favorite doctors. Makenzie's Pt also met us there so we could discuss our ideas on so extra tone control.

I really like to have our PT at any appointment when we discuss treatment that involves affecting the way Makenzie's muscles work. Even though Makenzie is tight and her body doesn't work the way it should she uses her this dysfunction to move. While the rehab doctor is AMAZING she doesn't see Makenzie outside of the hospital and in her "safe" and comfortable place and every time we have a rehab appointment Makenzie shows her doctor just how tight she can be at her very worst.

We sat and talked for a while before it was decided that Makenzie needed a new x ray of her hips and spine. Easy right? Not so much. Makenzie wants nothing to do with any kind of x ray. She did not want to sit on their chair. THe xray techs had no clue how to position Makenzie and thank goodness her PT was there or they would have found the best way to make her whole body look completely crooked.

It was at this point that I started to get really frustrated. I wanted to get a good picture but at the same time I didn't really care because Makenzie is not in any pain, she just learned how to walk in her walker, she is taking weight super well through her feet, and regardless of what that x ray said I knew I would not agree to any type of surgery anyways.

Needless to say Makenzie's left hip is perfect but her right hip is about 25% subluxed.

Her doctor wanted to talk about the "s" word at which point I quickly and very sarcastically made it clear where she could shove her scalpel. She then pulled up the last x rays we had done over a year ago. Low and behold there was ZERO change in over a year. This is very good!!!

It was decided by all that we would do a phenol injection into Makenzie's abductors and possibly and bit in her hamstrings. We have done this before with Makenzie and it worked well however now that she is walking if we take away her tone we risk the possibility of her not being able to walk in her walker. It will be something no one will know until it is done and that scares me. However, a major hip surgery scares me more.

Please pray for Makenzie's hips. Pray that God will heal this part of her body and restore it back to the way He created it to be. Pray that she will figure out how to use the right muscles to propel herself in her walker after the phenol.

This is a subject that many kiddo's with issues like Makenzie face. It is not uncommon but it is oh so frustrating to think about the potential of taking such a huge step backwards. Right now Makenzie and her hip are doing ok but please pray for healing.

Believe... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

I absolutely adored seeing Mackenzie's beaming smile in her walker. I know we haven't met, but I know that your her champion, your her rock, and whatever your heart says is best will be best for Mackenzie.

Showing my ignorance here about the injections, sorry...I know you don't know what the outcome will be like reduced tone, but Mackenzie is a fighter and she's so determined and loves the freedom of her walker, that... She'll want to do it so bad that her self determination will drive her to do it again.

Follow your heart and you can't go wrong x tough choices sorry I can't be more help.

I only know for my Oatie, it's his drive to ice skate that is making him want to rehabilitate for his cp and lie on a bench for his treatment for 2-3 hours a day manual ABR and be strapped to an ABR (advanced biomechanical rehabilitation) machine at night.
Love Mel xxx

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