Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Back Yard Cleaning Party

Last night my little neighbor boy spent the night for the first time. He is only 7 and in the first grade but he sure can hang with the big boys! About 11:00pm however he came downstairs talking about some craziness of getting something from his house. I explained that it was too late and  his mom was probably already asleep. He really did not want anything, he just wanted to go home. Then the tears started to fall. I sat him on my lap and we talked for a few minutes and then I turned on a movie. Twenty minutes later he was sound asleep, all was well, and I could finally go to bed!

When we got up this morning it was a beautiful day. There was a nip in the windy air but about noon we all headed out into the back yard in effort to overhaul the disaster our yard had become. Having three boys, a yard the size of a whole city block, a broken sprinkler system, and priorities other then landscaping, equals one big mess.

I bundled Makenzie up, put her in her chair and we all went outside. I raked up dead grass, leaves, broken toys, and trash, into piles while the boys put the piles in trash bags behind me. Makenzie was content sitting in her chair watching for all of about 15 minutes before she started to fuss. The fussing turned into a full fledged yell, and then soon after she was sobbing. Tears steaming down her face, breath holding, and just downright mad!

 I took Makenzie out of her chair and brought her inside. Uh, yeah, not so much. The screaming began again right as we hit the door and did not stop until we walked back outside. She did not want to be in her chair, she did not want to be inside, but she did want me to hold her, which when you are trying to rake is not really feasible. I knew if I left the boys to their own devises  the yard would not get done. So I took her back out and set her on the trampoline where she laid perfectly content until we were done. To say Makenzie knows what she wants would be an understatement at this point and I love every second of it!

After the yard was done it was time to run some errands. My neighbor's son invited two of my boys over to play and so I sent them on over. Before I headed out, I stopped by her house to make sure it was ok for them to stay only to find out she had been in bed all day with a head cold. My boys had been over there for almost a half an hour so it was too late to run from the germs. Crap! Please pray for protection from those germs.

I realize my neighbor would never try to get my kids sick on purpose but do I really need a sign that says "Please don't let my kids enter your germ infested home because it may cause them to bring germs home to their medically fragile sister!"  I do not live in a bubble by any means but I don't like to hang out with sick people either. Oh well!

We headed to Home Depot to pick up some paint and supplies to start working on touching up and painting a few rooms in the house. When we got home I asked my oldest son to help me bring the stuff in. The cashier had placed the quart of paint into the bag. When my son reached the porch with the said bag, it broke. The paint hit the concrete and spilled EVERYWHERE! Nice! So I quickly cleaned that up and will be going back to Home Depot in the morning. I am hoping they will be kind enough to replace the paint see as they should not have put it into a bag to begin with. Another Oh Well!

The yard is clean, the maroon paint has been scrubbed of the porch, Makenzie had dinner, and is sound asleep. I think the boys and I are going to watch a movie while I fold laundry tonight and then it will be off to dream land for the rest of my crew! Oh what a day!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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