Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Reality TV.... Or Just Reality?

I just got done watching this weeks episode of teen mom. I cried.

There is a young mom on the show who had twins. Over the last several episodes they have shown the developmental delays of one of her little girls. In tonight's episode she took her little girl to the eye doctor who proceeded to tell her what most of the special needs community probably could have told her long ago..... the issue is in her brain. 

They ended the episode with her talking to her mom, tears fell as she sobbed. It broke my heart in two. I do not think any one is ever prepared to be told something is wrong with their child but I am not sure I could have handled that news at such a young age!  I just want to give this young mother a huge hug. I want to tell her she is not alone. I want to tell her everything will be ok even if everything is not ok.

I know it is just TV but this mom's pain is so real. It is just as real as the rest of us who are not on a MTV reality show. She is on the journey of her life.

The journey over her is going well. The boys have had off school for the last four days. I just love long weekends (typed with a whole lot of sarcasm!)

Makenzie did great in PT and OT today. She ate very well and did a great job getting her shoulders back with some good weight bearing.I have scheduled phenol injections on March 3rd. Please start praying that the procedure goes well and it helps her hips a ton. Even though we have done this before I am a nervous wreck. She will have to be put under for the injection and that in itself makes me want to crawl out of my skin! Pray!

The market analysis came back on my house today and it looks much better then I thought it would. Now it is time to decide what the best options are for this move.

Tomorrow the boys go back to school, Makenzie has 2 hours of therapy and hopefully, I will be able to run some errands. I am tired. I am emotionally overwhelmed with everything that is going on but I feel so blessed. It is a good thing!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Oh the poor mum, and to have that news dealt so publicly too is a lot for anyone, probably more so for a teen.

I was meaning to write on your post should you move or not. Well, 10 years ago your current home was right for you and you are thinking about finding a new home and making it home. We moved from one continent to another and I kind of bought my home on the internet (no laughing). And when we moved all our things in, it just became home.

You have two gorgeous strapping lads to help you and help find a home that they think will work too, and bedrooms that they would like, and they could help decorate with you, they might find that fun too.

To me it seems that your heart wants to move and the market appraisal came back good too. Have a look at other homes, and you'll feel it in your bones if there is a house you look at is right for you and your family, and by looking you don't have to buy, so no loss apart from time, so if you don't see anything you like you don't move and have done an amazing job on de-cluttering.

From what you say about your current home, I think you want to move and a move is exciting and you're looking to the future and I think it's fabulous and to me... I know you don't know me (you could read my ramblings on my Oatie's blog) but your move sounds good and a positive, forward thinking thing to do.

I absolutely loved the photo of Mackenzie and her brother enjoying the book together.

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