Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love.......

I love Valentine's Day.

I love the sugary kisses I get after school is through.

I love the smiles that spread across my childre's faces while we talk about school parties.

I love taking a nap on the couch curled up next to my princess.

I love finding candy wrappers about my house.... ok maybe not so much

I love the sweet little handmade cards my children give me telling me how loved I am.

I love Makenzie's way of expressing her love for me by fussing every time I try to leave her side and also the way she does the same when her brothers walk away.

I love just being at home on a night when many are out busy being "romantic".

I love tucking my kids into bed and crossing my fingers, hoping the sugar crash happens sooner then later.

I love ordering Pizza once my house is quiet.... just for me.

I love sitting by the door, waiting for the said pizza, in hopes I can keep the delivery man from ringing the door bell. This will surely wake up the boys and I do not want to share when they come down like little vultures wanting some of MY Valentine's Day dinner! They can have leftovers in the morning!

I love being a mom!

I love Valentine's day.....just me and the four best little Valentine's this world has to offer!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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