Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hard Work!

I am exhausted. Makenzie is eating dinner, the boys are doing their homework and tonight bed time could not come soon enough!

Today with the huge help of my mom we got the house clean..... like really clean. Tomorrow the real estate agent will come and then I will have some more decisions to make. I am so grateful for the support of my family in this process.

Makenzie also had so really great therapy today. Her PT put the Neuro Suit on again. Makenzie looks so good in it and everything she did yesterday seemed to carry over into today! Her shoulders are nice and loose. She is doing a wonderful job with weight bearing in all areas and over all really making huge strides! I am so very proud of how hard Makenzie is working in therapy!

When her OT came she decided to see if yesterdays stair sitting could be repeated. After she put the arm attachments for the suit onto Makenzie they were off to give it a try!

Sure enough Makenzie did it again with less coaxing and she even was able to lean back and put weight into her elbows!  Then it was time for some constructive play in sitting.


Makenzie thought it was great fun to throw herself forward and backwards so Steph made a game out of it. The rules were that Makenzie had to bear weight forward into her hands before she could throw herself back. Makenzie however is five and soon decided it was more fun to break the rules!

However, she did a great job balancing on her therapists lap and even sat all by herself several times!

Makenzie worked really hard today but also had a ton of fun. She did a great job walking in her walker this afternoon and now is sitting her yawning away. Her dinner is done, the boys need prompting to get into the shower and then it is off to bed for the whole lot!

Please pray for a good meeting tomorrow. Pray that we get the best advise possible and that God would direct the decisions that need to me made on going forward with this process of moving! I am so excited but the reality of having to leave this house and pack up 4 kids and 10 years of our life is starting to set in! I am ready! It will be a lot of work but in the end it will be so worth it! The timing and details are all in God's perfect timing!

Believe.... Prayer Works!


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