Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hard Work And Fun Times

This morning when I got up I had the best intentions of getting out the door in time for church. I went upstairs and plugged in my rollers, got out makeup and decided to start going through the stuff in my room. Oops.

Ok, then I decided it didn't matter if I went to church beautiful so I got dressed, called my son who had been at a sleep over to tell him to head home, and then I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Long story shot we did not make it out the door.

SO we dug into Josh and Kaleb's room instead. However, before we could begin Makenzie had to be included as I didn't want to leave her downstairs alone so.......

Up the stairs her wheelchair went. Now that was fun!

All of my kids did an amazing job with their rooms. There was only a small amount of arguing about what stayed and what was just plain old hoarding. I mean really keeping stuff you did in 2nd grade ..... three years ago does not need to be kept.... does it?

I am DONE cleaning out EVERY SINGLE room in my house. Now a good scrub down is in order before I call the real estate agent to come take a look. I am really having a lot of fun with this. Having a home that is about 2 tons lighter, looks bigger, and isn't half as hard to pick up is turning out to be a great change. I think I might stay..... ok, that was my thought until I had to carry the chair up the stairs.... gotta move, still going, back is breaking.... self talk....over.

For a treat for all of the hard work we headed to the park. It was over sixty degrees here today and getting out of the house was much needed!

Makenzie was super excited to be outside. The boys took off and ran a ton of bottled up energy out while mommy snapped pictures. It was so nice to be outside again after the last week or so of cold and snow.

There were huge piles of snow that the boys could not resist. They ran up them, rolled down them, and then they found a spot to launch of off into them.

Makenzie thought the whole thing was very entertaining!

As we walked back to the car the boys all slowed down to walk with their sister. Even though I took this same picture the last time I couldn't resist because this time ALL of my kids were there, at the park, walking to the car while I strolled behind taking it all in!

A family friend dropped by this evening with Valentines for the whole family, ending an already wonderful day a little bit more amazing!

Tomorrow is Monday again. Back to the grind with a little bit extra sugar!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Believe... Prayer Works!


Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

I just wanted to say I loved the photos, especially Makenzie's face watching her brothers launching in the snow. I just wanted to wish you a Happy St.Valentines day and good for you getting your house ready for the real estate company. Love Mel xxx

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