Sunday, February 27, 2011

Demando Commando

This morning when I got up, all of my kids looked like a truck had run them over. My son asked if we were going to to church only to tell me he didn't want to because he was too tired. I sat on the couch contemplating if it was worth the effort because quite frankly I didn't feel like going either. After giving it much thought I managed to get myself and four kids out the door in 20 minutes and we were off to church.

I treated the boys to Wing Stop for lunch for helping so much with the yard..... even though it was their mess to begin with..... and we headed home. I hooked Makenzie up to her lunch and started the multi-daily clean up routine. I decided I was going to tackle mopping the floors so I set out to sweep up every little piece of dirt and nibble of crumbs on my floor.

Halfway through this process Makenzie was done eating and needed to be changed so I stopped what I was doing, got her out of her chair, changed her and laid her down. I picked up the broom and the pouty face came out. So I put her in her walker and finished sweeping in between turning her around what seemed like a million times.

The boys were outside playing and Makenzie was no longer content being inside. I figured before I got out the mop bucket I would take her out to get her fresh air and brother fix so that I could mop uninterrupted while she watched cartoons. It was beautiful but a bit chilly. I lifted her walker over the threshold and she was in Makenzie heaven! She giggled and laughed walking all over the deck. I chased her all over the deck keeping her from falling off the edge. after a bit I could feeling her fingers getting a bit cold so I guided her back inside and took her out of her walker. I turned on her cartoons and walked away to get back to the chore of mopping but Makenzie was none the happier with me so......................... I gave up!

At this point I was exhausted. This is all new to me. Makenzie is typically content hanging out with Elmo and Big Bird while mommy gets some stuff done. Nope, not any more. Makenzie has turned into Demando Commando..... I think I am going to rename my blog!

Trust me, I am not complaining but this is going to take some getting used to and a bit of extra creativity on my part. I now get to think of more ways to entertain Makenzie so that I can get things done. Hmmmmmm..... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

By this evening my oldest son looked like a semi truck had run him over. Blushed cheeks, headache, sore throat, achy, and a bit warm. CRAP! I hate to see my kids sick and it looks like we will be heading to the doctors in the morning. My bet.... either strep, or a new strain of the flu because he has already had the A variety this year. Makenzie is set for phenol on Thursday so I am a bit concerned with the timing of this sickness. Please, Please pray for healing!

I am not feeling the best myself tonight so it is of to dose medicine, start water, and head to bed!

Believe... Prayer Works!


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