Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Makenzie again has been feeling and doing so well.

Over the last few weeks we have tried changing up her therapy schedule a bit. We have added an extended PT session one day during the week. Also her OT changed her schedule a bit to make an OT session back up with a PT session. This give Makenzie two straight hours of therapy two days a a week.

I am love with and beyond grateful for my therapist's commitment to Makenzie as this extra time is not billable. The thing is, it takes a while to prep a body that is so tight. By the time Makenzie is all loosened up and ready to work on functional activities the hour is up and it is time for her therapist to move on. Having two hours also gives us time to get the Neuro suit on Makenzie more consistently.

Makenzie has become much more accepting of the Neuro Suit since two summers ago when we did our intensive at NAPA.  She is so much less sensory overloaded and looks so great in her suit! I am so proud of my girl and how much she has grown!

We will continue to try this new schedule utilizing the Neuro Suit more for the next few months. Makenzie's PT and I are both in agreement that it is time for another three week round of IMOT. I will allow God to open those doors but with all of the house stuff going on and summer coming up it may have to wait until schools starts again after summer break. God's timing is perfect and I will leave it a that!

I am off to tuck my four munchkins into bed and catch some Thursday night TV. I have felt so drained the last 3 days. I am pretty sure it has something to do with all of the hard work I have done with the house over the last 3 weeks. So tonight I am going to try and get some extra rest and try to catch up again so I feel more present.

Believe... Prayer Works!


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